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Tom's Blood Clot Update


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Tom saw the Cardiologist today.

A complete blood workup was done yesterday and he is basically now back on all the meds he was on previous to treatment beginning with Plavix being one of them. He said he came away with a bunch of scripts so won't know what they all are until I get home and check it out.

They did an EKG on him as well today because they said his heart was pumping to fast. I think one of the meds is suppose to take care of that. I don't know.

On a good note his LDL & HDL cholesterol counts were perfect so no meds needed for that!! :D

As I was typing this the cardiologists office called and they want another blood test done in 3 days with a metabolic profile and an echocardiogram. HMMM!!!


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Good Luck with all the scripts... Dad would often come home with a bunch of them and then call me to come over and read them for him... (as that is my background) I actually liked being able to have that ablility, it helped me, help my dad understand what thngs were for and the frequency, ect. Sometimes he would call and start rattling off the name of something and he would get 3 or 4 letters in to the spelling and I would know what he was taking about!

I can completely understand how confusing a pile of Rx's can be to someone who has no idea what they are or what they are used for.

One would wonder why they dont give a little "class" on how to read those things...

If anyone is intrested I will post some basic script language....


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So it is back to the Toprol XL, Simvastin, Plavix and a daily baby aspirin. That to me is not the stack I was expecting. Tom said he was going back on everything which would have been 7 meds.

Tom is supposed to call the office to make the appt for the echocardiogram and they are mailing the order for the meatabolic profile.

Tom said this morning that he feels disgusted. He was riding high on the good scan news and then the heart thing pops up again.

I told him not to worry until it is time to worry. He had not seen the cardiologist for the last 6 moths or so. It's been so long I can't remember. But Dr. Burseth is very test happy and every time Tom goes to see him he orders something. But then again everytime he has a test that this doc orders he ends up with some kind of surgery.

It is wierd that the only blood meds ordered is the Plavix. I still have no definitive answer on what they are going to do about the blood clot. :?

It is a wait and see.


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