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Tarceva newbies

Kerri Gottlieb

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Keri -

Doc told me to stockup on Immodium and that I cantake up to 8 pills a day. Other than that, some of the folks here who are on Tarceva have given me lots of advice on lotions and skin care products to use.

I have already started on the following: Showering with Cetaphil, shampooing with baby shampoo, using Oil of Olay Daily Facial Wipes for cleaning my face, Vaseline intensive rescue mositure locking lotion on my body and I found some Vitamin E lip balm to apply to my lips. They tell me the trick with the rash and the pustules is to keep them moisturized, not using anything with alcohol or benzoil peroxide in it like you would if it was acne.

There is an antiiotic that you can get from your doc if the rash gets too bad and a prescription cream, also. I intend on Friday when I see my onc to get prescriptions for those now along with a prescription for magic mouthwash so that I will have it if I need it.

The rash usually begins 5- 14 days after starting on Tarceva altho we have a member here who said it took her 3 weeks to break out. I will be at two weeks tomorrow and even though I am itching terribly, nothing yet. Every morning when I get up its like, OK, what will I see when I look in the mirror?????

I hear there is supposed to be a correlation between the side effects and effectiveness of the drug so altho I certainly don't want to look like I think I may, I want this stuff to work. I am going to start a thread for those who have been on Tarceva as to how bad their side effects were vs. whether it worked for them or not.

Come on, rash, Patti and Patty need to break out!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Hugs - Patti B.

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Kerri, be sure to check out the list of Tarceva links on Dr. West's website which I put in this recent message to Patti:

http://lungevity.org/l_community/viewto ... 581#370581

And for Patti: Now I remember you asking about itching during our recent chat session. If that started a few days after you started Tarceva, I'll double dare betcha that's the rash making its presence known! Keep in mind that the Tarceva "rash" is not really a rash like you've ever seen before, but an unusual (maybe unique) skin toxicity that can result in various strange symptoms. And here's another thing. It seems that you really took to heart those skin care measures in the posts you've been reading, probably more than anyone else I've corresponded with, and maybe that's keeping some of the more visible symptoms at bay. That's exactly what I had in mind when I advocated so strongly for skin preparation, but I guess an unintended consequence could be worry that the Tarceva isn't working because of the rash-response correlation that's been pushed so hard by some. Maybe I should have told you to use Lava soap and sit in the sun all day...(just kidding). :P

Much Aloha,


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