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:roll: I need some help on filling out the profile for my Dad. I see everyone uses dates and starts on a new line, but I must do something wrong, it doesn't work for me. So I used an abreviated history that doesn't tell the story nearly as well as the way the rest of you do.
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when you go into the create a profile section ther eis a box in center I know you know this but going fromn 1st step so its easier to explain.

Use the large box in profile and type a sentence or a date and sentence, then hit enter.

and go to next date.

Let me know if this helps and then I can help more if need be. This is the best way I cnn explain it myself!!

hugs and thoughts randyW

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Shrimp, your profile is quite readable as is, but I agree that as it gets longer it would be easier to read with each entry on a separate line. You can use a regular message window (like the "Post a reply" window I'm typing in now), apply any bold/italics/color codes you want, and check how it looks with the "Preview" button. But instead of sending the message, copy everything (codes and all) with CTRL-C, then go to your profile and paste in everything with CTRL-V, and hit "Submit." In other words, you can format the profile exactly like you can a message, the only difference being that the codes aren't conveniently displayed next to the very tiny profile input window.



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