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Something happened today to make me realize how vital HOPE is to surviving this really crappy disease.

My Sister-in-law's Mom had surgery to remove a brain tumor last week. While they were doing pre-surgical testing they saw a spot on her lung. So after more testing, it is believed to be Stage IV Lung Cancer that spread to her brain. But they have not done a lung biopsy yet and they have not gotten the results of last week's PET Scan.

I spoke to my sis-in-law last night and she said that the head of the hospital's Oncology Dept told them it might be terminal since it has spread. I was so very angry at that Idiot who should be working in a lab, not dealing with human beings. Terminal is a horrible word that is used way too much and, sometimes, prematurely. when I heard her voice, I just felt so horrible because she just sounded so terribly defeated. A few days earlier she was set to fight.

My Mom has Stage IV NSCLC and the first thing her Oncologist @ Sloane Kettering said to her was "You are NOT going anywhere." It gave my Mom so much HOPE and helped to get her ready for the fight.

Her Doctor and many other wonderful doctors believe that NO ONE comes with an expiration date and to give a timeline could hinder someone's recovery and would just be a guess anyway.

They are looking for a new Oncologist and I pray that the PET Scan shows that it has not yet spread anywhere else. I also pray that she fights and doesn't give up.

A lot of times it's the difference between life and death.


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I agree with you totally Kerri. Some med oncologists bedside manner leaves something to be desired. They have no idea what impact their words can have on a patient. And how then it becomes more difficult to recover from those words. But then we move on to places like this and people like you and we find the hope we need to fight like heck. Sadly, some probably don't find hope and that is so unfortunate. Here's praying everyone finds the hope and the strength they need.


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Let's also hope and pray that they FIND THIS BOARD!!!!! I do not know what we would have done without it and everyone here.

It's the only Lung Cancer board I have found that people respond and not in a few months ya know??? LOL

It means so much to be able to get answers from people that are going through or have gone through it.

Love, Kerri

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Hope and a positive attitude goes a long way in fighting this disease and others. It is so important. There are ignorant people everywhere, unfortunately there are too many of them in the medical profession. Sorry that happened, but hope you can share the hope and inspiration shared by so many members of this site.

God Bless,


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