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Joel progress


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Hi all

I figureed Iwould put this in the good news section.

Joel had the fissures implanted yesterday. All went well they did not collapse a lung. :mrgreen:

He is sore as to be expected as they put the needle in his back 4 times, They did have him medicated so he was fine. Minimal pain and they said he fell asleep. The doctor and all the nurses were wonderful.

His gets a CT next Tuesday to make sure eveything is placed right, then they they will perform the 3 Cyberknife sessions. Not sure exactly when.

Will keep you informed.

Maryanne :wink:

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I agree that this is, indeed, good news, Maryanne. GREAT actually. Fred and I were thinking of you both most of the day yesterday. I'm so glad there were no lung collapses or any other problems encountered.

Give Joel a big ole hug and an ever so gentle pat on the back :wink::? for me. Hope he's feeling in good shape for the weekend!



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Kelly felt the fiducials going in (she had no mediation at all) and was a bit sore, but I think by the time they let us leave the hospital (took hrs before the surgeon that implanted the fiducials could look at the xray and release her) she was feeling great and I think I posted on here that she was cooking me a nice dinner that evening. :-) (and I assume you mean fiducials, not fissures. Though I tease Kelly and call them filigrees.)

As all her treatments have gone, cyberknife was about the easiest on her. She had some fatigue, but all and all, it didn't impact her much. We find out how it all goes next week when she has a 3 month PET.

Great to hear that Joel is doing well and fingers crossed that the treatment is as well tolerated for him as it was for Kelly and here's to great results for both of them!!!

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I can't thank you enough for all your kind words and support for Joel.

Its a go for next week for the cyberknife. The only little problem is one of the fiducials

(thank you Cat for correcting me on what they are called) is a little bit close to another one. But the Dr. does not seemed concerned at all.

He will have his treatments next Wed, Thurs and Friday. 2 hours each and that's it, it will be done! All we will have to do is wait for the results from a CT probably in a month or so.

Again, we thank you all as usual, you guys are the best.

Maryanne :wink:

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Those dang fiducials love to move around. :) Kelly had some pain and the nurse thought one of them may have moved near a nerve. She said the nurse told her that they were treating someone for just that - never did find out what the treatment was. But all and all, really a pretty easy treatment for her. She had her PET yesterday and we have the appt with her Dr. on Monday to find out what the treatment (3 months ago) may have done. I'm on pins and needles!

Let us know how Joel does with the treatment. Kel hates the lying still part, mainly due to some post-nasal drip issues. But she weathered them just fine, nary a complaint. I'm sure Joel will breeze right on through. All my fingers will be crossed, when I'm done typing of course.

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