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Expert Advice Wanted ~ FINAL UPDATE 9/23


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9/23 FINAL ~ I promise!

Okay then......went to the hospital for the 'expert IV team to insert IV. Only took 2 times! Had to raise my voice when she went for the hand. NO HAND. So I wonder how expert they are. I told her I drank plenty of water. She said ~ doesn't matter, doesn't help. Okay!!! Got slapped around a little too. Geez! I can't help it I have thin veins. Have thin skin and skinny feet too. How come I can't have thin thighs and skinny hips instead!!!! Boy would I like to trade.

So home I went to wait another 3 hours until the procedure. What a day. Anyhow, guess what???? NEVER had to use the IV!!! That's just 'in case' something might go wrong. Now I sure wanted it in for that reason, but as it turned out ~ all for NOTHING! Then the benadryl I must take for what I've been told is an allergic reaction put me out the rest of the day, but only HALF the night :roll: !

If today is any indication of how these shots will work.....I'm not betting money on it. In sad shape today. So chalk another one up to 'been there, done that'!! Thanks for all the input and support. I am now more convinced than ever that the experts on this site know more the some in the medical field.


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Not knowing what the drug is, all I will say is, give it a little time. Fingers crossed (after I'm done typing) that although you don't feel today like it is doing any good, that maybe it is something that will take time and/or several injections before a beneficial effect is seen.

Ok, off to cross my fingers. :)

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Kasey, third time is supposed to be a charm. I tried posting twice already but keep messing up. Must have drank that glass of wine too fast!

Ditto cat, I'm also crossing my fingers that it will just take a little time or another treatment for it to kick in.

Rooting for a successful relief from pain, Judy

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