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Hi all

I know that J-me is getting suggestions for a new patient comfort bag, but I need suggestions for the person already DX'd and going through treatment. I participate in a Knit a thon, we make caps etc. I am looking for ideas of things that can be knitted or crocheted, or even woven for the comfort and ease of anyone going through treatment. I will E-mail the ideas to the folks that put the Knit a thon on. Actually, it is because of the Knit a thon that I went to the docs, long story, but knitting quite honestly saved my life and continues to help with my sanity. Okay, maybe the last one I still need some help with.

Thanks to all



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Can you knit a pillow? Kelly's chemo room had ones made by a former patient and it came in very handy. This one was sewn, but I would think a knitted one could be done and would be quite lovely.

Wish I had some sort of talent like that that I could contribute to the cause. I just keep riding my bicycle for cancer. :)

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Thanks everyone, those are fantastic suggestions. I have always been into knitting and crochetting, it has only been the last year that I am so focused on it. I guess I if I can't be employed doing something that I am extremely passionate about, I can at least have a hobby that I am passionate about. I am also doing a Lungevity walk in October. You know it is very weird, I had always donated before, but this time it is a personal thing.

I did the Knit a thon to take my mind off my brother and father passing within months of each other. If anyone thinks of anymore let me know. I will forward the ideas on the the sponsors of the knit a thon so they can get the word out. It always helps to make something that is truly needed rather than something that will just sit there and take up space.

Thanks again



What about fingerless gloves?

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Slippers. My feet always got cold. My wonderful Aunt made me slippers all the time and they were so nice and soft and warm. I loved them and still do! :D

My hands & arms use to get cold and they would have to put a heating pad on me before they stuck the needle in for my chemo, maybe something a person can put on there hands/arms before getting chemo.

Good luck! It's a wonderful thing that your doing. :wink:

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