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We visited the Pulmonary Doctor today.....The Cat Scan revealed the following:

CT Scan performed on 9/1/08 shows:

1cm mass in left upper lobe

small mass is right upper lobe

3 lymph nodes inflamed in mediastinum

1 thoracic vertebrae

per dictated report, one adrenal gland

Pet Scan is to be scheduled for Monday....

Dr. did say Jim would be at our daughter's wedding on Oct. 10th...

We will see an oncologist he recommends, but am thinking we should just go to Yale, rather than Bpt. Hospital.....

Memorial Sloane Kettering is not in our network.....

We are devastated to say the least.....

We have had a wonderful marriage, great jobs we loved, raised wonderful kids and the ability to recently retire and travel.....this just wasn't the future we had planned.....or anyone on this wonderful board has.....

I am just rambling now.....but needed to share

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Thanks for sharing Linda. No this was not in the plans for any of us. It is good that you know what you are dealing with now. I hope you can see an oncologist and get a treatment plan in place soon. The doc is right, he will be attending the wedding. It doesn't seem so now, but the initial devastation will end, as it has for many of us. We need to get on with it and fight like heck. Because you like all of us have lots to fight for. Take care


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Sending a big cyber hug your way. Most of us can relate to how you are feeling now. I'm glad that you have found this group , but as we always say " I'm sorry you needed to find us." Sandra is right, the next step is to see an oncologist and establish a plan for treatment. With treatment comes the peace of knowing you are doing the best you can to fight the disease and with that comes hope. Keep us informed and know that we are always here if you need to vent. Will keep you and your husband in my prayers .



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Are you still in shock??? The first few weeks were the worst for me. I am realizing just how lucky my Mom is that Sloane Kettering is in her insurance network. My sis-in-law is facing same problem of where to go to get a great Oncologist that is still in your network. It must make things even more difficult.

Keep us updated and we'll try to help as much as possible. The people here are such a great support system and they gave my family HOPE when we needed it most.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Yah Linda...I thought my retirement would be different too. I was really surprised and angry when I found out I had cancer. But, I am still enjoying my retirement such as it is and am grateful for the times where I feel good with friends and family. Your husbands' cancer looks like it will be easily treatable and he could have many good years to come...

Don M

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