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probably a dumb question


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Husband had a Cat Scan....revealed masses in lungs, spine, adrenal gland and that was only the top half of his body.....I don't have the technical lingo now....we are awaiting permission from the damned ins. company for the Pet scan'...

Anyway, this is my question.....would all tumors be the same, so that if they biopsied one they would know the pathology or are tumors different pathologically in different areas of the body???

I know they are thinking the primary cancer is in the lung since so many lesions are there, but I think this would be helpful to know.....

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The bones and the adrenal are two of the places lung cancer likes to go. So I think the assumption that it is lung cancer with mets to those two places, is where most drs would start. And then yes, the tumors would be the same. A biopsy of one of the locations will tell them very much, and they will usually go with the easiest location to biopsy, which won't be the adrenal as that is not very easy to biopsy.

Once they have the PET, they may decide which location to try and biopsy. Good luck and use this board, they will be of tremendous help to you, with answers, a shoulder or ear and plenty of company and comfort.

Oh yeah, and edited to say - no such thing as a dumb question! :)

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