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I'm ok, REALLY


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I had some people send some concerned messages to me after I bumped up my post from 5 years ago. I'm not in "that" place emotionally, really, I'm not. I'm sorry to have worried some of you!!

That post was heart wrentching for me at the time, watching my dad slip away and the horrible sadness and helplessness I felt was suffocating....I was a mess, I was heartbroken and so so "lost" like the post mentioned.

But if you read thru the thread, you see wonderful replies from our special friends who aren't here anymore, people who lifted me up and touched all our hearts. That's why I go back to that thread every few years. You'll see random posts from me every couple of years in that thread too.

I didn't bump it up because I feel the same way I did five years ago...I just wanted to remember and feel close to my dad and all those great friends again.

I have come a very long way since my dad passed away five years ago today- and I had a very rough time the past 19 months after I lost my mom....but the sun is shining more brightly again...the memories bring smiles instead of always bringing tears, and life is filled with small joys and some laughs too.

It's a process. As long as I keep moving ahead (whether in large strides or bitty steps) I'm OK. And I'm glad we have each other here to get thru it.




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Yep, we all become okay as time goes on. We never forget our wonderful loved ones, but we do learn to live without them in sight.

I hope today passes with wonderful warm loving memories of you wonderful dad. ((((Katie))))

You know he's watching over you and is ONE PROUD DADDY of his little girl! :wink:

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