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Quitting the fight


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After listening to my Dad last night the family had a talk and we decided to quit all medications except comfort. I talked this over with him. He was having a really bad time this morning. He agreed. I had another talk with the nursing staff. After a call to the Dr. we got the patch increased again and IV morphine via his PICC line. The on call Dr. would not DC his meds, but we have right of refusal and that is what we are doing. He is sleeping now.

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Dear Shrimp,

I am very sorry to hear this sad news. The ending journey is never easy.

Try to keep you dad comfortable and pain free best you/they can. These meds can change us so much, but know that your dad has no control over his actions with some of these medications.

You are all in my prayers. May God guide you though this very difficult time.

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Fight for a good day tomorrow, Remember yesterday and pray for tomorrow. Keep dad surrounded by love and peace and comfort Provide what he needs!! Love and Hugs randy!!

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