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Health Insurance???

Kerri Gottlieb

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My Sis-in-law's Mother just had brain surgery to remove a tumor and now they are pretty sure it is in the lung also. We're waiting for PET scan results.

They want to go to Sloane Kettering, but Sloane doesn't take Oxford (her insurance). Does anyone any info about health insurance and other ways to get the best doctors if they don't take your insurance???

Any help, info or links would be most appreciated! Once she's locked in with an Oncologist, it's hard to switch.



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Hi Kerri,

Fortunately, we've been lucky with our health insurance (Medicare and Fed. Employees BCBS) and have never had any problems with seeing the docs, using the hospitals that we wanted to. So I can't help you with that.

You mentioned it being difficult to switch Oncs. It that because her insurance won't allow it? I found it very easy to switch Oncs - several times. I'm on my third one in the Orlando area. If I don't like one, I find another - after trying out the first one for a while. A lot of people here have had more than one Onc. over the years.

Good luck


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Check the terms of the policy. You may be able to pay the doctors yourself and then file a claim directly to the insurance company for reimbursement. Some provider offices will bill you with a net 90 invoice that allows you to delay payment while you are waiting for the Insurance company to process your claim and send you the check. In these types of scenarios it is your responsibility to contact the insurance company to see if the treatment, test or procedure is a covered benefit and at what rates. You should talk with the Office Manager at the providers office and with your insurance company to see what your options are. Good Luck.

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Keri Dr west may have some info being an oncologist just run over to cancergrace.com and leave him a note also He may know something that we dont!!

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