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Prayer for dad please


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Haven't posted here in quite some time, but visit almost everyday. Dad has been doing so well over the past several months since his surgery. He was talking last weekend when he went camping with us that he would be going back to work in a few weeks. However; this afternoon mom called and said that she was taking dad to the emergency room because he had been coughing and had a fever of 103. They did a chest x-ray and he has the early stages of pnuemonia. They admitted him for the rest of the weekend to administer antibiotics and fluids. The docs said they were glad he came in as quickly as he did so they were able to start treating it early.

It is just all so raw the emotions that we all go through each time we or our loved ones suffer one of these setbacks. I feel like we will forever be "stalked" by cancer.

Dads fever was down some this evening and he was finally settled in his room, please if you can spare a few words of prayer for him. Mom said that he cried the whole way to the hospital, saying over and over again...."I can't go through this again, I just can't do it anymore."

Thank you.


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Oh Teresa, I'm sorry to hear dad's not doing to good. I know how he feels though. It gets old going back and forth to the hospital and watching what we put our loving families through. It's hard for him and it's hard for all of you. The roller-coaster emotions SUCK!

Lots of TLC is in order right now for all of you. My prayers are also with all of you during this time. I'll continue to think positive for all of you and not give up hope. ((((((Teresa))))))

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Thank you all so much for your prayers. This is why I can't let go of this website. So much compassion for someone you have never met.

Dad is still in the hospital. He has bacterial pnuemonia and they were awaiting some blood tests so they could determine whether or not to change his antibiotics. They made a change this afternoon and he said he is feeling better and hopes to be released tomorrow. But that is what they told him last night. We are all to familiar with how that works!!

My son and I have both been sick with colds and have not been able to visit him in the hospital. That makes it hard as well, especially when I am only 2 miles away!! I have been there for everything he has had done and I feel like I am deserting him. I know he is ok with it, but I feel guilty.

Thanks again,


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