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Welcome Jeanne and so sorry you need to be here. It is such a scary time after initial diagnosis. There are many very kind supportive folks here eager to listen and help. Please tell us more about where you are at in this journey. What was your journey to diagnosis, what stage are you at and do you have a treatment plan? If you fill out the signature in your member profile and also give us more details then we will probably be of more help in answering any questions you may have. It will take awhile to get used to this board. It took many months for me. But if you take the time to get to know us you will find lots of useful information and many kind supportive members. Please let us know more about you and how you are doing.


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Hi, Jeanne, welcome to the group! First, congratulations on your nearly 30 years of AA recovery. That says a lot about your strength of character -- it really does.

We have many terrific members here, quite a number in or around Iowa, though distance is not a big factor with low long-distance rates and the internet. You should be hearing from the U.S. mainland tomorrow morning. It's still "today" out here in Hawaii.

As Sandra (one of my favorite Canadians) suggested, please give us some more info on how your diagnosis came about, your cancer cell type and stage, treatments started or planned, and generally how you're feeling. As a group, we've seen it all, and you should be able to get some very specific help with whatever issues are concerning you the most. Best wishes and Aloha,


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Hi Jeanne,

Welcome, sorry you had the need to find us, but am very glad you did.

Congrates on the 30 AA recovery. Good for YOU!!

We're a great bunch of people here if I must say so myself! :wink:

You'll find great comfort and wonderful helpful information as well.

You can read about be below, and then click onto MY STORY if you wish too.

Please take a minute or two to share with us as much as you know at this time about what kind of lung cancer you have been dx.d with, and maybe a little back ground on you. It helps us to better help you if we have a clear picture and more information.

If you would like a Phone Buddy, I would be more the willing to lend me as a phone buddy. I have a VERY CLOSE friend who I met as a Phone Buddy from Bettendorf, Iowa 8 years ago. She and I are very close friends to this day. :wink: She is also cancer free as am I.

I will PM (Private Message) you my phone number and you can do the same. Please don't post your phone number on the board though. Private is better. :wink:

Welcome again, and hang in there, your not alone!!!

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