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What is Your Brain Style?


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Instructions: Read each statement and select one answer per statement that resonates most with what you would do in that given situation. Add up the total of selected letters and compare that number to the brain style description to see which category you fit into best.

1. When you go to the library, the books you usually borrow are:

1. How-to-books on a specific topic and only what you need at that time

2. Nurturing for the soul, romantic novels, or any type of self-help book that makes you and the world better.

3. The first things you see that appeal to your need for variety! After a couple of hours, you walk away with as many books as you can carry.

4. Brief, to the point and written by the expert in the field. Cliffs notes are somewhat ideal!

2. It is finally time for a vacation, you normally:

1. Prefer to go on an organized tour, or a trip that is well planned in advanced where a change of plans is somewhat unlikely.

2. Desire to travel in the company of close friends or family, and prefer to visit people rather than just places.

3. Pick a location that you have always wanted to explore. You will decide what to do when you get there.

4. Enjoy an adventure that requires the use of some mental as well as physical skill - like hunting or even mountain climbing - where results can be measured

3. When you go to a museum, you:

1. Get a brochure immediately and go through the exhibit methodically and carefully, even taking notes if need be.

2. Take a friend, tour the gift shop and have a cup of coffee before you begin. You enjoy each other’s company so much that you quickly have 15 minutes to view the art before the museum closes. Oh no, not again!

3. Don’t know where to begin. You may even get lost and see things 5 times, but you don’t seem to notice. You always have so much fun even if you lost your friends along the way.

4. If you can’t avoid going, you pick out what you believe is the most important exhibit, view it and move on.

4. Spring is here and it’s planting time. You:

1. Purchase the same type of plants as last year.

2. Purchase 11 different types of flowers while you’re doing your grocery shopping and have a planting party on Easter Sunday.

3. Enjoy designing a garden on paper and then get so busy with other things you forget to buy plants.

4. Hire a gardener.

5. At work, you are known for:

1. Filing and keeping track of centralized files.

2. Your capability to smooth over emotional discord.

3. Your creativity, foresight, and envisioning ability.

4. Your financial planning capability and cost-effective decisions.

6. Your friends see you as someone:

1. Who can be relied on at all times.

2. Who cares about him or her more than the job.

3. Who has a great sense of humor and who is full of ideas.

4. Who will protect them and help them to be successful.

7. At work, you truly enjoy:

1. Administrative duties.

2. Planning special events, like the Christmas Party and throughout the year ordering the birthday cakes!

3. Starting a project and inspiring those to follow in your footsteps.

4. Making the final decisions for your department or even company.

8. At social events, others see you as:

1. Missing altogether, unless you have to show up to meet expectations or achieve a goal.

2. A chatterbox who talks to everyone present at least once, or twice, or . . .

3. Off in another world or maybe from another planet.

4. Someone who shows up and quietly fits in and plays by the rules.

9. To others, your organizing style is seen as:

1. Pretty close to perfect (at least that’s what my mother would say)

2. Homey with a lot of personal mementos and inspirational quotes everywhere.

3. Unique, creative and you are known for your stacking method.

4. Spartan and functional.

10. You normally try to avoid conversations that:

1. Involve the future or imagining “what if?”

2. Go into great detail about a specific item.

3. Deal with figures or strategies or budgets.

4. Are too touchy-feely.

11. Your desktop area can be described as:

1. Contains all the goodies you use frequently. Everything close to you has its place and needs to be in its proper space.

2. b. Contains lots of items, but things on your desk help you to stay connected to the people in your office, to family at home, to nature .

3. Is completely covered with paper – but you know where everything is…you really do!

4. Is cleared of everything except for the item that you are working on right now.

12. You are most happy working on a task when your boss:

1. Gives you clear instructions and a deadline.

2. Gives you permission to involve others in the tasks and lets you discuss your progress with him/her anytime of the day.

3. Gives you an idea of what is needed and allows you to experiment with a variety of solutions. And, yes leaves you to be creative!

4. Gives you a specific goal and allows you to decide how best to accomplish it

13. When facing a difficult decision you are most likely to choose the solution that:

1. Has a good track record.

2. Will make most people happy.

3. c. Goes along with your gut instinct.

4. Is the most logical.

14. You like to go for lunch with the same people all the time because they:

1. Are reliable and pleasant.

2. Care about you and are encouraging and nurturing.

3. Always have something new to discuss

4. Are decisive and know where they’re going.

15. The people outside of work that you are drawn to are:

1. Dependable.

2. Sensitive.

3. Fun.

4. Decisive.


Write the total number of letters circled in the appropriate columns:

# of A's circled # of B's circled # of C's circled # of D's circled


A's: 10 or more = Maintaining Style

B's: 10 or more = Harmonizing Style

C's: 10 or more = Innovating Style

D's: 10 or more = Prioritizing Style

* Maintaining Style – This style reflects a pragmatic, perhaps traditional approach. “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

* Harmonizing Style – An interest in people, past experiences and possessions is what embodies this method. “I appreciate my memorabilia and enjoy having my stuff near by.”

* Innovating Style – One who is visual as well as creative is innovative: “I prefer to see everything in front of me and know where everything is. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.”

* Prioritizing Style – Objective and analytical is one who prioritizes: “I prefer to delegate and not maintain various organizing tasks.”

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