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CyberKnife testimonial!!


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A new option for treating cancer is now becoming readily available and doctors say it can destroy tumors without invasive surgery.

And many patients say recovery is immediate.

47 year old Sandy Walsrski is fighting for her life. The breast cancer she was treated for eight months ago came back. This time in her brain.

Recovery from the first surgery for this mother of four was rough.

"There was a lot of blood and gauze and drains," said Walsrksi

Chemotherapy and radiation have other difficult side effects.

"I was hoping when they said I had the brain tumor that I would be able to do something less invasive that wouldn't scare my children," Walsrksi said

Sandy's doctors recommended cyber knife treatment, as an alternative to surgery. Video provide by cyber knife shows how the robot hits tumors with high doses of radiation.

Cyber knife claims almost no healthy tissue is affected. Doctors say it's extremely accurate because it's designed to track a tumor even as it moves in through body when patients breath.

"And so we can treat moving targets in the lung, liver and other body parts so treating spots in the brain are frankly now the easiest thing we can do with the cyber knife. This is what we targeted with the cyber knife," said Radiation Oncologist Dr. John Lamond.

Sandy had just one treatment on the tumor in her brain. She's here for her results. The scan shows the tumor in Sandy's brain is gone.

She goes home to her children with the best possible news.

"I'm soaring right now, I'm soaring," said Walsrski

"We're starting to get used to these sort of great results with radio surgery," Dr. Lamond said.

Cyber knife works best on well-defined tumors and brain tumors that originate from other parts of the body.

Dr. Lamond says it's also an option for people with cancers that are considered inoperable.

He says the risks are dramatically lower than surgery, side effects minimal and people go home immediately afterwards.


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