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Todays Visit With My Surgeon


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Wanted to share what I learned from my surgeon today. First of all let me refresh everyone since we have a few new members. I was diagnosed in 3/03 with NSCLC. I had a 7.5 cm mass on my left lung. My surgeon was not sure he could remove it so my team of doctors decided that Chemo and Radiation at same time and then look at results to see if it was operable. I had 5 rounds of Carbo/Taxol and 25 radiation treatments. I had no side effects that was noticable. My team of doctors said that I responded remarkably well to the treatments and agreed that surgy was now possible. I had one lung removed in June 2003. All 4 of my doctors say my recovery has been remarkable. Surgeon told me today that I am continue to do well.

Now here is what I really wanted to share. A student doctor was with my surgeon today. He briefed her on what I had done as well as my pathology report. Here is where I was surprised. He said there was a micro-scopic trace of cancer. I had heard one of my other dr say this so I ask him this. Does that mean that there is a micro-scopic trace left before surgery or after surgery? To my surprise he told me that that was all that was there when he operated. My thought was why did you take lung for a trace but I kept my mouth shut. He made the comment to the student that Carbo/Taxol was really doing a good job and that he was seeing good results from everyone that had that type of chemo.

Sorry if this is long but I thought maybe some one on Carbo/Taxol might like this news.

Praying for us all.


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