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Since today is the Anniversary


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Where were you and what were you doing 7 years ago at this moment in time????

I was working in NC and my brother in law was late for a meeting. Stuck in traffic at entrance to Lincoln tunnel and watched!! His meeting was for 9 am at WTC since he worked right next door at Verizon!!!

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I was getting ready to start the days lessons with my daughter. I was home schooling her at the time. Some lesson that day turned out to be. We watched the news coverage for days on end.

I was also on the volunteer fire dept at that time and had a whole different set of fears to deal with as our dept was on stand by to help with reilief efforts.

Still so hard to think about, even 7 years later.

God bless the victims and the families. God bless us all..


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My husband was laid off and he had the TV on and started yelling "somethings happening". Then I called my mom who at the time lived right by Cleveland Hopkins airport because if you remember, they shut the airport down because of an unauthorized landing there. My brother and sis-in-law used to travel constantly when they worked so I called them at work only to be told "they are out of town". I absolutely panicked. I left a hysterical message on his cell phone, begging him not to be on a plane somewhere. Thankfully, its was only about a half an hour until he called to say they were safe.

What was so hard was telling Nick that night when he came home from school. He was wondering why half the school got picked up and went home (we decided to leave him at school so he would not think that school was an un-safe place). I told him that terrorists had hi=jacked some planes and crashed them into some buildings. I will never forget the look on his face. He just very calmly said "where any of my relatives on those planes?"

Peace to all the relatives and friends of those that lost their lives that day. May we never forget!!!

Patti B.

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Randy, that's the scariest story I've heard about that day. We lived in Fairfax, VA and I heard a lot of stories.

I was finishing my morning coffee and watching the Today show when the first plane hit. I called my son who lived in Wash. DC, hoping he hadn't left for work yet. He was still home. We stayed on the phone and watch for hours. He worked at the Smithsonian Institute and immediately decided they would be closing, so he might as well stay home. We lived close enough to the Pentagon to hear the crash there. At the time I didn't know it, but two of my colleagues from National Geographic were on the plane.

One of our sons was working in NYC. It took a while to get through to him, but he had been walking on the street when the first plane hit. One of his colleagues lived north of the towers and was walking to the office and saw the 2nd. plane in the sky.

Our third son was safely in Minnesota.

Life certainly has changed since then.


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I had come home after 2.5 weeks in the hospital following a massive heart attack and was in bed sleeping when my husband called from work and said a plane crashed into the WTC and the building fell down. My first reaction was that this was one of hubby's tasteless jokes (he has a weird sense of 'humor') but he told me to turn on the TV, which I did, just in time to see the second tower fall. :cry:

Btw, I still believe that the plane that crashed in PA was shot down -- but probably that's only a pathetic hope that the US govt did SOMETHING right that day.

Ellen in PA

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I was getting ready for work when I saw the first plane hit on the morning news. I called my dad and we both cried together...then the second plane hit...then the plane hit the pentagon...then the last plane crashed down...

My mom was supposed to be on a flight that day home to Texas from CA.

They said that one of the planes that crashed was an AA flight from CA.....no details....my dad and I were frantic that it was my mom on one of those flights for a while......we tried for hours to call and it was the most horrible feeling.....turned out her and my aunt has stayed up late and were sleeping in and they didn't answer the phone until two hours later...

We were so relieved.

At the same time we tried to call my brother who lived in NYC very close to the WTC and couldn't get a hold of him. We did not hear from him for days and days and thought he was dead or something terrible happened to him. Turned out he was on a business trip to Taiwan and they had stopped incoming flights to the US and he couldn't get thru by phone to the US so he was stuck there and we were worried for him for many days.

Ricks office at that time was the same building as VP Dick Cheny's company was in in downtown dallas. Everyday for weeks he had to evacuate because central intelligence that that building was a terrorist target.....he had associates and friends in the WTC that didn't make it.

That was at that time, the worst time in our lives. It was awful.

Bless all those that suffered that day and because of that day.

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I will never forget that day. I was, like many here, sipping my morning coffee and at the same time I was talking to my mom on the phone. Both of us had our tv's on and watched as the events unfolded. It was after the second plane had hit that we got off the phone. I remember , I had to make a small grocery store run and I was afraid to leave the house. The next thing I heard was about the Pentagon.. I saw my neighbor across the street cutting her grass. I remember running out there and making her cut off her lawn mower to tell her our country was under attack. I then went to the store and as I was arriving I heard on the radio of the first tower collapsing.. I will never forget the feeling i had in the pit of my stomach. It was so strange when I went in the store because I tried to talk about the events to the cashiers and they had been instructed by their manager to remain calm so the customers would not get excited. :? I bought a few things and hurried home. From there, I remained glued to the tv for what seemed days and days. Not even on this day can I digest those horrific scenes. It's too much to handle to even try to put myself in the place of any of the family members there or any of the victims... it's just too horrible ...

God be with them all


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I was at work, looking at a bloomberg terminal with one of our traders. And the biggest font I ever saw came across the screen saying a plane hits Worldd Trade Center.

Keri was working for Merrill at World Financial Center (the buildings next door). She walked through the atrium at the WTC all the time.

We were out of contact for about 3 hours that day. There was so much chaos but it turned out they evacuated her building fairly early and she walked up the west side highway to a bus.

What a day. I've never been the same since actually.

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Randy, I'm glad your BIL was late that morning.

I was in my Anatomy lab at college and some guy came in and said "I think they bombed the trade center again," very non-chalantly. Remembering the previous bombing, I didn't think much about it and we continued with our lab until the Professor came in looking panic stricken and told us classes had been dismissed and that we should try to go home to be with our families.

It was then that we turned the TV on and moments later we watched in horror as the first building collapsed. I'll never forget the terrible sinking feeling in my stomach as I watched that.

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I was still with my husband in Louisiana. We were getting ready to go to his friends house for our weekly coffee with some of the retirees from Sears where he had worked. I was just coming into the living room when he yelled at me that a plane had hit the world trade center. He was watching Regis and Kelly and we watched the replay and then saw as the second plane hit.

We were in shock like everyone else but still went to the coffee. We had just gotten there when the first building colapsed. It was so terrible.

I think the part that got to me the most was seeing the people walking around showing pictures of their loved ones hoping that someone had seen them. It was just heartbreaking.

I remember sitting at my computer that night. It was eerie because you never heard any planes in that part of Louisiana but you could hear the jets flying overhead. Knowing that there was a ban on all flilghts but military I knew that they were flying the coast in case someone tried to enter our country from that side. It really brought it all home and make it reality instead of something I was watching on tv.

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Some of thise memorials were up almost 2 years later when I visited the footprint of the site. Debris cleanup was handled by a national company out of greensboro D H Griffin! I have many pictures of that area afterwards still!!!

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