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please be careful and safe in your travels to wherever you are travelling!! heed the experts on thisw storm Better safe than sorry!!!!! THoughts and Prayers! Randy In NC....

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It sure looks bad. I too am wondering if Don evacuated. He is the only one I know of who lives in the worse hit area.

They did get a lot of water in South Terrebonne Parish. Gustav tore it up and now Ike is flooding the whole area. They got a really bad food from Rita but are saying this is even worse. That is far Eastern Louisiana. I hate to think about the areas around Cameron and Orange and Port Arthur!

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We heard from Tom's girls in Houston. They faired well. There is some damage but they were spared the worst. They are both without power along with 2.1 million other people. Both are far enough inland that they did not flood but they did get some very heavy winds. Erin said it sounded like two freight trains heading for each other. She said it was very intense.

Huge trees were uprooted and Erins apt bldg had the steel fire doors ripped right off the hinges. I am so relieved that they are okay for the most part.

Continued prayers for the safety of all still in the path.


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