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Gas Prices


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Here in Oshkosh, WI....

2 days ago, it was 3.63 , Yesterday 3.73... today 3.84, the last time I saw... I did just found a staion that was 3.79.. I am sure it will be higher in the morning again.. My friend in KY said that the gas by him rose at least 50 cents over night there... if this keeps up I am gonna have to walk my daughter to school... I can hardly afford to drive the mile..lol


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Well I haven't filled up in months. My SS doesn't allow for too many frills and driving mroe than I need to with these prices is something I have to look at as a frill. I did put $30 in my tank when I got my check Wednesday. I was sure glad that I did.

I did decide to go out for awhile today and was surprised to see that here, where the prices seemed to go up 5 or 10 cents for no appearant reason , they hadn't gone up at all. Maybe that is because an average of $3.80 is already so outragously high!

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We're at about 4.40 for regular this week, no significant change from what it's been the past couple of months -- averaging 4.30 to 4.50 for regular. The hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico didn't seem to affect our prices, since we have a couple of refineries here and don't depend on those near Houston. The big variable is the price of crude oil, which is shipped in.



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