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My dad is a 2 year survivor....


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Yesterday marked the two year point. I vividly remember sitting in the surgeon's office on his 65th b-day when we were told he likely had lung cancer.

Time flies! He has scans coming up end of October. He has a cough, but the oncologist didn't seem concerned. He had a visit last week.

Thanks for all your support! I may not post as often b/c my twins are keeping me busy, but I read all the time. The babies don't like it, they stand by me and scream when I am on the computer :)

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Well I hope he celebrated in style Andrea. That is such super news. Prayers for his upcoming scan and many many more years to come.


p.s. Babies don't keep you busy do they? My girl friend recently had twins and I haven't met them yet. I am going to visit her soon, and I will go and look and admire then and leave! I can't even quite imagine twins but am sure you are an awesome mom.

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Congrats to Dad AND YOU!!!! I remember your posts when Dad was first diagnosed... I remember thinking omg that poor girl, not again!

Some difference 2 years makes, eh? Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers for many, many more healthy, happy years for ALL of you!!



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