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Good Day all!

Its a rainy day here in Oshkosh... eck.... Today, I am going to try to get some stuff done around here... what I really need to do is some laundry.. but my dryer is broken and I don't want to drag it all to the laundromat, maybe I will go out to my Mom's... hehehe.

I am going out with the girls tonight! I am looking forward to it, since I haven't seen on of my friends, it seems, all summer!

I hope that all our friends that were/are in the path of Ike are safe and sound. One of my really good friends for HS, his brother(who i graduated with) and wife and kids live on Houston, the wife and kids got the last fight out yesterday and know are in KY at my friends house and his brother had to stay behind.. Mike is an Oncologist there at MD Anderson and needed to stay at the hospital.. I beleive that he is a GYN-ONC. I am hoping to hear some news today on his situation... I hope he is safe!

Have good day everyone!

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Well good morning everyone. I hate to sound like a broken record when it comes to our weather but we continue to have beautiful warm sunny days with no end in sight.

My big survival party is tonight! It is in honor of my one year of survival since diagnosis. It is called "Stayin' Alive" and is a seventies disco/other music theme. I am feeling fairly good actually after getting through several chemo related issues. I cleaned my house (with good help) all day yesterday. A bit more prep to do and the party will be on.

The pre dinner cocktail of choice is "Harvey Wallbangers" and yes I have managed to buy Galliano. I even tried one last night (quality control you know) and it tasted pretty good!

I found a cool (well my daughter did) picture on the internet that is a sign for "Harvey Wallbangers Back Alley Bar & Eatery" including it's hours of operation. So that door sign will greet my guests tonight. I have about 50 people coming. It's pot luck so I have some but not a ton of food prep to do.

Today we will be rearranging furniture and decorating. I have mirror balls, lava lamps, a seventies candy selection, seventies music, etc. etc. Hopefully most of my friends will come dressed up (my family's costumes are all ready) and we will dance the night away!

I hope everyone else has an awesome Saturday. I am so excited about mine!


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well, I feel spoiled to death. One of my closest friends daughter, Kailtin, is in 9th grade and has to do 20 hours of service work (she goes to a parochial school). So she asked her teacher if cleaning someones house who is sick counts and was told yes. So she came over today and cleaned my entire kitchen, living room, vaccuumed the entire upstairs, did the kitchen floor.............oooohh, my house smells so good!!! She said she will be back in a couple of weeks and help rake leaves next time!!!!

I could get very used to this!!!!

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