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Actually more a video than a photo


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I promised photos from our Livestrong Challenge ride in Philly and I'm still working on some of those. But I spent most of tonight working on this video. I don't know if any of you have ever seen Good Morning America's feature called "my week in 3 words", but they run it on Saturdays sometimes. They make a video from peoples photos or video clips where they show in some creative fashion, what their week/life was like in 3 words. Some use 6, and you can see, so did I. (I've always been a bit verbose!). I decided weeks ago that I wanted to make a clip at our ride and submit it to them. I did that, but I also put it to a little music and put it on youtube myself. Apologies for the quality, what can I say, I'm still just a science geek, nothing artistic about me. Plus, still figuring out this new computer and the bells and whistles.

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I'm the one giving the thumbs up at the end. My niece took the video. I hate to admit to which I am as all I can say about cycling is - the clothing can be very humbling. :) Nothing like skin tight lycra to remind me to go to the gym a lot before next year's challenge. The video doesn't show that the headband I had on said "Cancer S*cks". And you sort of can't tell that while all our jerseys say "Kelly's Posse", hers just says "Kelly".

I love how Kelly smiles as the arrow was being pointed at her - she had no idea what the cards said and really wasn't paying much attention - she was worrying about the need to use the porta-potty and was hoping the filming wouldn't take long. But her smile as the arrow points at her is just priceless to me. :)

Kelly's husband is at the very end beside her. Her eldest daughter holds up the word RODE (the youngest took the video). My other sister, who rode the challenge with me last year, holds up the word HER. And the youngest member of the posse was our niece Jordan, she was about 5 months old at the time. :) We're missing two other people who rode or ran, but I figured wrangling that many was an accomplishment!

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