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Survival stories to encourage my dad


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Hi there...

My dad was diagnosed with non small cell in early October. He's just finished radiation and has 4 chemo rounds to go. He's been anemic and just exhausted. They think there's now also a tumor on his back (he has a cracked vertibrae.) The cancer is also in his lymph nodes and chest wall. We are buddies and I am broken hearted. But I believe in a BIG GOD who is the true Great Physician. Does anyone have a person survival story that's beaten odds like the ones my dad is facing? They've given him "months" to live. He is very uplifted by survival stories -- and he needs to be lifted up just now.

Thanks so much and God bless you all who are so bravely navigating through this trial. I admire you so much.


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I am a 2 year + NSCLC survivor. From September 2001, through March, 2003, I was Stage I. I had one surgery in October 2001 and a second surgery in September 2002. In April 2003, it was discovered by CT and PET Scan, that the cancer had recurred and had metastized to my lymphatic system with tumors in my chest, around my heart, in my diaphragm, groin, and my neck. Becuase of the extensiveness of the tumors, I was restaged to Stage IV. On May 2, 2003 I started 6 cycles of carbo/taxol in conjunction with a clinical trial on a drug called ABT-510. I received chemo once every 3 weeks and had my last chemo on September 2. The clinical trial required that I receive a shot of the drug on a daily basis. This shot was either self administered or administered by my wife.

The first CT Scan, following completion of the chemo, done on September 25, showed clear. The cancer had been eliminated from the lymph nodes involved. On November 4, as required by the clinical trial, I was re-scanned and it was discovered that I now have mets to my liver. I was immediately removed from the clinical trial and went into a 4 week washout phase so that I could be entered into another trial. I start the new trial, which is to test the efficacy of Iressa against a new drug called ZD6474. I will be recieving, in pill form, one of the two drugs. I will not, however, know which drug I am receiving. Iressa, as you probably know, has shown good results in lung cancer. This new drug has less side effects and has been proven as a drug of choice in the treatment of Melenoma.

You may tell your father that I am 60 years old, and have survived for more than two years and I am still counting the days of my survival. God ain't done with me yet, and I ain't done with God. I still have work to do for lung cancer and I still have a bunch of golf balls to hit.

I must warn you, however, (and several members will attest to this) I have a real, bad, sense of humor. I tell lousy jokes and I am forever razzing people like BobMc, David A., Ry, Okdebi, and several other long time members of the board. And Becky (Snowflake) better watch out as she is being penciled into my harrassment list.

This board has become the most active site for lung cancer on the internet. We have 750+ super members who really care for those with lung cancer. There are many stories here, mine is but one. This site contains heroes and people with unbelievable courage.

None of us know how much time we may have, but as long as we are able to, we are going to make a difference in lung cancer. I call lung cancer the most unbiased cancer as it doesn't care whether you are a smoker, non-smoker, or never smoker. It doesn't care whether you are a 65 year old grandmother, or a 16 year old high school student. It doesn't care if you are a man or a woman, however it has become the biggest cancer killer for women, outnumbering breast cancer deaths by 2 to 1. And the list goes on and on. Those of us who have lung cancer are fighting for two basic things: destigmatizing lung cancer and much greater funding for research. We ask our famiily members for one thing - carry on when we are no longer able to bear the load. For many of us, we may not have the time remaining to see destigmatization, or greater funding. Therefore, the burden of the lung cancer movement lies with the surviving family members. This is the reality of the disease and we all know this. On the other hand, there are many wonderful stories of survival here and much inspiration. My story is also posted at the Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, and Education (ALCASE) http://www.alcase.org website.

Again welcome to Lung Cancer Survivors for Change. Please make yourself at home here and get your father involved.

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They gave me the short term stats too. Well I don,t think so,

because I have too much left to do to roll over on some stats.

So I intend to beat the odds. Used to work with racehorses

so I know about odds:)

Keep looking around and learn as much as you can about

lung cancer and you will learn there are a whole lot of paths.

So hang tough.

There really are alot of good people out there, and more and more every day.


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As long as you are breathing there is hope! Every day brings you 1 day closer to a cure or at least to something that will keep the beast stable! If one sort of treatment doesn't work there are many, many more available and if your Dr. doesn't suggest one then I would find a Dr. that is aggresive in the fight. I have 2 of what I consider the worlds best Dr.s on my side. The have NEVER given me the "you only have x amount of time" speach. They BOTH have always been positive that we can BEAT this thing if we work together. My Onc. and my Rad. Dr.s have worked VERY hard to do the best for me that they can and I have been so BLESSED to have them. You really have to have Faith, faith in God and faith in your medical team.

I will be praying for your family.

God Bless,


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When I was first diagnosed they were just talking about surgery as a palliative measure. It didn't strike me then as it does now, they had essentially written me off.

Fortunately, miracles happen every day. I am one.

God bless and keep you and your dad.

Take heart, Dad, there are new drugs and procedures coming through the trials and approvals every day.

Keep the faith.


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