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Friends have been missing

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Hi my friend!!!!!! I am here betwen duke & wesley my social life is visiting docs...quimo & radiation. My house still full & I am more than bussy, but pretty happy. I was missing you all g uys but never get the time to dit in the comu & when I do it I ont have internet. I will start writing again, I miss you all a lot.

xoxo bucky

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Hi, guys -

For the past couple years I've been looking in and catching up but rarely posting. Today I logged in and was surprised to see that the index says I last visited Sep. 03.

My life is pretty uneventful lately other than having some remodels done to my house. Uneventful is fine with me -- beats the heck out of those stressful beyond our control situations that we sometimes go through.

I think about all of you and always wish you well.

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Hi Everyone,


My name wasn't mentioned....Nobody misses me :cry:

Just kidding :wink: I check in so rarely anymore, I can understand why I'm forgotten.

I thought this would be a good time to say Hi, and say that I love all of you. I'm doing well. Will be having my CT on my birthdayOct. 29th.

Waiting and Praying.

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As I've said before "don't know you from Adam but." Well now, I do know you from Adam unless you are a girl with a boy's name.

No need to apologize. I just go down the profile after reading your post and YEAH, another long-term survivor. Does my heart (lungs) good. And good luck on Oct 29. All those protective sons around probably scared that cancer away!

Judy in Key West

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Hey Barb,

Wow, how good to see and hear from you. Even better to hear your doing so well! That's wonderful news! Looking back and the (earlier) years of this journey, I remember when we didn't think we would be here very long! :roll: Guess we pooh poohed that one! :wink:

Happy Early Birthday to you, and PLEASE stop by again and let us know how your CT turns out. I'm really glad your doing so well!

Sorry I didn't mention you, it's not that your not thought about, it's just that I have a crappy memory! :oops::roll::wink:

We still have many of our good friends who are still missing though. I sure hope they show up soon or at least stop by and say HI!

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I am bumping this once again and hoping we will hear from more of our survivors!!

This place is just too quiet lately and it would be so good to hear from more of you.

It is always so wonderful to hear from the members who are doing well and out living life and those stories add such inspiration and hope to our newer members.



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Okay, I apologize. I buzz through once in a while but don't post much anymore. It's NOT because I'm cured and don't care. I never have forgotten, ,or will ever forget, all the caring and wonderful people on this site who have helped me stay in an upbeat and positive mood for so long.

I just seem to have gotten back into the treatment routine and lost a lot of the energy I once had. That, and sitting around watching the stock market eat up most of our life's savings lately, has been pretty depressing.

This past summer was a pain in the rear. Hospitalized at the end of June with pneumonia and some other cancer complications. Got out of that and then my port failed and had to be replaced. A week later I had a mini stroke which put me back in the hospital where I promptly managed to contract a bacterial blood disease of some sort.

Things are going pretty well now. My blood counts are all good, I mean really good. I've gone for a few months now with no blood infusions required and am on a six week treatment schedule. My cancer signs are stable and that's hard to argue with.

I'm still gettin' by on the prayers of my friends, neighbors and relatives plus a great team of medical professionals.

I'm sorry and ashamed for not stopping in to visit more often. I consider you all to be some of my very best friends and if anyone is close to Devil's Tower you can come on over and kick my butt.


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Well Hey John, your a sight for sore eyes! :wink: But it sure is GREAT to hear from you.

I am so sorry to hear you've had such a bumpy ride for so long. I sure hope it does settle down for you. I am glad to hear your blood is back to normal. That's nothing to monkey around with, I know!

I also can relate to watching our life savings go down the drain. We just found out today we lost over $22,000.00 bucks. :shock::evil: And we're on a fixed income and retired too. can't afford to be losing that kind of money these days. Your right John, it really is depressing. I'm sure you doing like we are and trying to cut back a lot. It's not fun.

I'm sorry the treatments are kicking your butt too. Please know your in my thoughts and prayers. I sure wish there was something that would come along and cure us ALL from this heartless disease.

Thank you SO MUCH for checking in. I totally understand what you mean about not having much energy. But, now and then just drop in and say HI if you can do that.


Take care John and we'll be in touch.

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I'm a relative newcomer and am glad to meet you. Don't apologize for staying away. You sound like you've had a rough time of it and eventually came back to say hi to all your old friends. For those of us who have more recently started this journey, it's great to have you stop by--long term survivors always appreciated.

Judy in Key West

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Hi guys

I have been quiet myself for awhile. Getting use to the idea of being home and looking for a job in this lousy economy, not fun. I also check in from time to time, but don't post. I did a Lungevity walk in October and plan to do Knit Michigan (we knit and crochet comfort items). Other than that I am enjoying my family and friends and trying to lose some of the weight that I put on between the surgery, losing my job and then hurting my knee. Anyone with good size dogs will know how bad a dogs head to the back of the knee can be. So, dealing with the slight depression about those things and trying very hard to get off of my personal pity pot to get back to some serious living.

Love to everyone and be well


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Hi Sarah! How good to see you. I know the ups and downs of being an LC survivor.

Not always a good time to be had for all! BUMMER! I'm glad to hear your spending time with friends and family, but I am sorry about the job situation. Not looking good out there today. But, we LC survivors never say never and never give up hope, so I think there IS a JOB out there for you, one that has YOUR NAME ON IT! ((((Sarah))))

I too have a BIG DOG so I know just what your talking about. Sorry to hear your on the depressed side too. I too bounce back and forth with that issue now and then. I've been sick for 4 weeks and the last 3 the depression just jumped in my life, but it's going to be short lived for me if I have anything to say about it, and I'll hope and pray the same for you.

Holler if you ever need an ear.

Take care and THANKS SO MUCH for checking in.

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Hi Sarah,

It's so good to hear from you. I am sorry about the depression, but hope that will lift soon for you.

I don't have the big dogs anymore, traded down, lol, and have a "herd" of mini dachshunds now. But trust me, they are just as hazardous since I seem to trip over them constantly!

I hope you will continue to post and keep us up to date with you!



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Awww..Connie...thanks for missing me! I do check in and read messages when I can, but like Katie said, I have been busy trying to get my new business going. That, and the kids, and the new puppy....well you can imagine...it's been crazy. But I do miss reading ALL the posts, one day I will catch up! Love you all!!

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Hey Jan,

Yep, I knew you were busy. But it's nice to see people busy and it's nice when they check in. We tend to worry when someone just disappears. Hope the new business is going well for you. Kids will keep you busy for ever and ever. :roll::wink: And the new PUPPY, well you have fun with that! LOL! I admire anyone who can go through that puppy stage. I think I have grown out of that. :wink:

Thanks Sweetie for popping in and saying hi. It's always nice to see you. (((JAN))))

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Hey! Sorry to be awol.

Just trying to keep body and soul together.

Taking on that little dog (a rescue) and

dealing with one 13 year old daughter

and one almost 20 in college with no $$ sense....

I'm hanging in there. Feeling older all the time.

But I'm still here and more or less functioning,

holding down a full time job. Then go home and

fall asleep watching the early news!!

Don't sleep real well; have had for years seems like

a chronic sinus thing, so I can't sleep flat.

I sleep in the recliner, so I don't cough all night.

Radiation -- gotta love it. Keeps giving and giving....

I think too of the many friends we've lost along the

way, especially at this time of year, and those who are

newly diagnosed -- one fellow in the office, his mom was

diagnosed with non small cell adeno, and my good friend

who's retired and just working part time, her hubby had

oral cancer -- he smoked a pipe most of his life.

I just don't feel as if I have anything to say anymore.

I'm eight years and change out-- and feeling every mile.

Still I'm grateful to be here, seeing my girls grow.

I'm fortunate enough to have both parents still alive,

Dad will be 88 and mom 85. They're slowing down too.

I just hope I can hang onto my new normal health another

15 years so I can retire. I think that's a long time, but

I've already been here six; low stress = federal, tenured.

Kids are healthy, dog is good, folks are good.

So I shouldn't complain. I just am getting old.

Don, sorry to hear all is not well - still, you've seen those

beautiful grandchildren, and had the extra 5 years. That's a gift.

I just hope I can get the youngest launched, and then they'll have

each other.

Enjoy your thanksgiving, all, and Connie, consider me checked in.



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Hey MaryAnn,

It is sooooo good to hear things are going okay for you my friend. Life is going on for you and the kids are growing up! :wink::D Life sounds good!

Yep, we sure are all getting older. Isn't that a great thing? Who would have thought? I never thought I would live see 44 let alone 56!

I'm so glad you have checked in. It's always good to see our old friends, and of course our new ones.

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