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Michael put on new treatment

paul verdon

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Hi everyone

Michael had pet/ct scans last week and we met with the onc. this morning. After 7 months on alimta and avastin the tumors and lymph nodes have increase a little. They went from 18mmx16mm to 20mmx18mm (approx). This was enough that the doctor said lets try something new. So today Michael started weekly treatments of Navelbine with Zomita. Michael is also getting a port next week.

So once again I come looking for experience out there with this drug in hope of keeping hope alive.



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I can attest to Navy Bean (Navelbine) as being somewhat mild for side effects with my wife and it was her first chemo drug of many!! I can not comment on Zometa as we did not use that one!!

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I must have missed a few of your posts, as when I read this one, I had thought that Michael was still on tarceva...Oh well, now that I'm caught up...Col gets monthly Zometa for her bone mets. No problems ever reported or recorded for her with that one. Best of luck.

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Zometa is very easy to deal with. I have been getting treatments once a month for 18 months. It requires a blood test and then the infusion only takes about 15 minutes. The next day I am usually a little bit achey - but very minor.

Prayers that the new drugs work well -


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I had Navelbine and Gemzar together. I don't remember them being bad at all, but I was sure to take my anti-nausea drugs. I am on Zometa also and have no side effects. I had Zometa on Tuesday and went to the L.A. County fair all day Wedn. I am currently in the 4th cycle of Oral Etopeside.

I am in the L.A. area also.

Take care,

Nancy B

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