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Prayers for my baby.....(9/23 update)


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If you have some extra, please say a prayer for my son Jacob tomorrow. He is having surgery for an undescended testicle. I know it is not serious in the scheme of things, but it does involve anasthesia. My husband told his office he is taking off b/c Jacob has surgery. Instead of saying it is to pull down his testicle, he says "just minor cosmetic stuff." Cosmetic surgery on a 14 month. Love it! But I guess have two little ballys instead of 1 is cosmetic too ;)

Also need more prayers for him b/c he is not growing at a normal rate. He has always had height issues and now he dipped further off the chart and his weight for the first time went below also. He is being worked up for a bunch of things for "failure to thrive". Some of the stuff is pretty scary, other stuff seems minor in the scheme of things.


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Here come the PA prayers for Jacob.......for mom too!!!! I remember you mentioning a concern about growth. Thought when we heard no more about it that all was okay. So prayers for that too.

And I do believe some new pics might be in order, dontcha thiink :lol::wink: ????

Sure hope to hear some good news.


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Little Jacob has my prayers for a successful procedure.

I can understand your concern on the height and weight. I went through the same thing with my Vivienne. At 1 yr old she was only 15 lbs and 25 inches tall. When she started kindergarden she was just 3' 3" and 29 lbs. They had her down as failure to thrive and I had to keep food charts and see a nutritionist for her. No matter what we did nothing worked to put the weight on. It was just her make up. To this day at 23 yrs old she is only 5'2" and 100 lbs.

I am hoping it comes down to nothing major for Jacob as well.


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Growing up, the kid across the street had this procedure, turned out 100% fine.

Praying your boy will have the same blessed result. My neighbor was actually was a little bit of a peanut early on too, now he is talled than I am.

And some kids are just bigger than others. I understand your concern though. But then one day they just catch up.

Hope all goes well.

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Lots of prayers and postive vibes for little Jake and for you. I know how you feel - Nick had ear tubes put in when he was a baby and anesthesia is scary!!!

Just to let you know, Nick had growth issues too but has now caught up. Will never be the biggest kid on the block but he looks good now. They did all kinds of tests on him, too.

Please let us know when the surgery is over - you know I will be thinking of you!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Thanks so much everyone!!! His surgery went well :) He is home now and seems fine.

Next week we see more drs for the lack of growth. He has been off chart for height all along and they say he may need hormone shots. Tests already done a few months ago were fine. But now we are seeing a dip in the curve even further; a dip in weight despite eating a lot; and no growth in height or weight for over 2 1/2 months, so they want to evaluate.

I did you all proud today in stalking for results!!!! These medical facilitiees do not care about us!

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Thanks for letting us know that everything went well Andrea. My kids have never had any serious illness so I can't even imagine what you are going through. And such a worry re growth as well. Get your sweet babe through this and then on to helping him grow up healthily and happily like all kids deserve.


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Andrea, by the time I got on tonight, we already had the good news about the success of Jacob's surgery. So glad all went well.

Hope they get through this testing for growth issues soon. And nothing feels minor when it involves our babies! We'll all be waiting for the test results.

Judy in PA

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Well I knew another shoe was doing to drop.....it is mid-way in air right now.

Jacob is being worked up for skeletal dysplasia which means the doctors think he has a form of dwarfism :( He is such a little hunk, I still am in shock. It is a tricky diagnosis to make. He is very small for his age, but looks normal.

Keep us in your prayers if you don't mind. Thanks!

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