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Back from the Dark

Patti B

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Hi everyone-

I FINALLY have electricity altho its just a temporary fix (they hooked my line up to the negihbors that comes off his house to the pole). I still have wires all over the back yard and they need to come fix my overhang and the damaged neighbors fence but at least I have my lights back!!

I tell you, I just don't do well without all my basic creature comforts. I don't even go camping so this was the pitts.

We got hit by the remnants of Ike on Sunday with 78 mph winds. The tree in the back yard was splitting right down the middle and barely staying up. The power in the whole street went out and thankfully my neighbor has a generator and hooked up my refrigerator to it. They came out Monday afternoon and restored the power in the street and two hours later, the tree cutters came and dropped the tree on my lines that go from the house to the pole!!!!! GGGGRRRRR!!!! Since there were so many power outages in the Cleveland/Akron-Canton area, I was put on low priority. People kept coming and looking but noone did anything!!! Finally yesterday I called AGAIN and played the cancer card (shame on me) but it worked!!! My neighbor did run me a pwer cord from his outside outlets so that my fridge would run and the neighbor across the street brought me a pot of coffee every morning!!!

There were over a million people state wide without power and people in Stark county just south of me are still without power. Apparently, the power companies sent over 300 crews to Texas to help out and then we got hit!!!

Thanks for all the well wishes, PMs and phone calls!! Made me feel so good!!!

It will probably take me forever to catch up on posts and today is my Coumadin Clinic day so I will be posting trying to catch up later. Thanks again and I hope everyone is safe and sound from this latest round of bad weather!!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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