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This board has been a great resource for information. My Mom was diagnosed with extensive SCLC with mets to the brain in March 2003. Radiation seemed to take care of the brain mets. She completed 7 months of Carbo/Gemzar Chemo at the end October. A CT scan in Sept showed that tumors were shrinking. Suddenly 2 weeks ago she took a turn for the worse. Difficult time breathing, pain in the left ribs (same side as lung tumors). The latest CT scan showed that the cancer spread to her lymph nodes and the tumor in her lung grew larger. Now the Dr. wants to try Topotecan. Can anyone share their experience with Topotecan at this stage?

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My dad was on topotecan. He had very minimal side effects and this chemo did work to keep his cancer stable. Unfortunately for us, it only lasted 4 months before tests revealed new growth.

It has worked well for alot of folks. Good luck with this. Stay with us and keep us posted.


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