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2008 Kay Barmore Award


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The Kay Barmore Award is named for Kathleen Barmore, one of LUNGevity’s seven founders, all of whom were lung cancer patients when they formed the foundation in 2001. Kay was a nine-year survivor of advanced lung cancer. Always hopeful that new treatments would be identified, Kay directed tremendous energy towards actively petitioning pharmaceutical companies to support the mission of the organization that she launched: to support innovative research at the nation's leading cancer centers.

In addition to being a founder of LUNGevity, Kay served as a Board Member Emeritus, and recruited many volunteers. Kay also counseled and encouraged dozens of newly diagnosed patients as they tried to deal with the news. Kay's continuous acclamation to patients, medical professionals, friends and family was, "Believe.”

Previously a breast cancer survivor, Kay was diagnosed with Stage IIIA non-small cell lung cancer in 1998. Kay's cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, and eventually metastasized to her neck. Following radiation and chemotherapy, her cancer was, for a short time, stabilized. During the past five years, Kay battled the disease in various forms – always with courage and tenacity.

Kay was passionate about the need to find a cure for lung cancer. Once diagnosed, Kay discovered that government spending per lung cancer death is substantially lower than for other cancers, despite the fact that lung cancer is the nation's number one cancer killer. She joined forces with six other lung cancer patients in 2001 to create an organization that was focused on raising money solely for lung cancer research. Today, there is only one survivor of the LUNGevity founders, Patti Helfand.

Kay died on August 10, 2007. The award named in her memory honors a LUNGevity volunteer who has gone above-and-beyond in his or her efforts to support LUNGevity’s mission of providing support to people affected by lung cancer and to funding research into the detection, treatment, and cure of the disease.

This year, the Kay Barmore Award will be awarded to Katie Brown at the 2008 LUNGevity Foundation Fall Benefit in Chicago. For more information on the Fall Benefit or to attend the benefit to share this special night with Katie, visit:

http://www.lungevity.org/content/?secti ... 7&page=567

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Katie I am so happy for you.

I hope you know that all of us here only know each other and can support each other because of your efforts on our behalf, and thank you so much. So glad that others recognize your efforts also.

Donna G

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Way to go , Katie... You and Rick have just leaned into it and gotten it done, because you care.

You've more than earned an award.

You've earned the love and respect of all of us over the years.

We appreciate that you will be publicly honored.

It certainly is well deserved, and it wasn't always easy.

But you did it.

Thank you.



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