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Today is the one year anniversary of my lobectomy and diagnosis. I found this site in November and just want to thank everyone for your support and encouragement. And for putting up with me in chat. LOL

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Congratulaions Bruce!!! I will ALWAYS ermeember your date as today is the 4 year anniversary of my own diagnosis. So.............may we celebrate all weekend long, friend! Pub has been open, but not many have stopped by. I'll keep my eye out for your arrival and set you up with anything you want.

Let's make this day an annual event!!!! So glad to have someone so special to share with!


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Congrats Bruce on your one year anniversary. I personally hope to "put up" with you for man many more years to come! It's a bit early but I will meet you and Kasey at the pub. And I will make sure it is stocked with real Canadian beer! Hope you are celebrating in style "way up north".


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Bruce, a big hearty belated CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on your first anniversay. Sorry I missed the post yesterday. I'm excited about announcing mine soon too.

I'll be in Orlando but maybe I can make chat Tuesday. Hope to see you there.

Judy driving somewhere in SC

PS Who am I kidding? Me driving a 40-ft coach towing a trailer with my car on it for a total of about 60-ft. I don't think so--Judy is RIDING in SC.

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