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Infomercial on Lung Cancer

Guest DaveG

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Today, Thursday, December 4, 2004, myself, 6 other lung cancer survivors, and 2 surviving family members participated in the taping of an infomercial on Lung Cancer. This infomercial is sponsored by Aventis and is being produced by WISC-TV, Channel 3, Madison, WI. 2 hours of taping will be condensed down to a 1-2 minute spot. I am anxious to see the final product, as we were taped in a studio with nothing more than a black curtain in the background. We understand that the final product will have a different background and there will be a narrated text dubbed in. With all of us in a small group, several takes were made using 2 of us, on seperate tapings, saying "We represent the cancer with the most deaths". I was one chosen for taping that statement. Then each of us were recorded saying, "I have lung cancer". The two surviving family members were recorded saying, "Not all lung cancer patients live long enough to become spokesmen for lung cancer".

One of the family members involved just lost her husband, one week ago, to lung cancer. She was very brave for participating so soon after her husband's death. She made a commitment, to those of us with lung cancer, to become involved and work for lung cancer recognition.

I am going to ask that the TV Station post the final version on their website, so that it may be viewed worldwide. When that happens, I will post the link.

This TV station has made a commitment to lung cancer. They are planning to air this infomercial starting next week and will continue to air it throughout the year. Their belief is that every month is lung cancer month, and every day is lung cancer day.

As we were leaving the studio, the producer thanked us for our time and told us that all of us are his heroes. He said, with all sincerity, that he was impressed with our courage to come forward with a willingness to participate. As far as he is concerned, lung cancer is a very deadly disease, and, in his opinion, should not be stigmatized as it has been. It is hoped, through this infomercial, that it will help remove the long associated stigma.

It appears to me that thousands of dollars will be spent putting this spot together. The producer showed us the equipment that will be used in the final production of the spot. This equipment is all the latest hi-tech stuff involving a very heavy use of computers and computer graphics.

I have to congratulate WISC-TV, Channel 3, Madison, WI on the commitment they have made to lung cancer. We need many more media outlets, throughout the United States, to follow the lead of WISC-TV.

Madison, WI is the Capitol of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin is located in Madison as well. I am a patient of Dr. Joan Schiller at the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center. I am honored that she took me on as a patient. Dr. Schiller is both a dedicated physician and a very compassionate, loving person.

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