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Introducing myself


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My name is Tammy. I live in NH.

My husband age 41 was diagnosed in April 08 with non small cell lung cancer after Went to PCP because he coughed up blood and had pain behind his clavicle. Dr said his lungs sounded fine and his O2 was good. Upon my husband insistance he got an an xray diagnosed with walking pneumonia,in late feb(He had not been ill) x-ray also showed a spot... Prob nothing PCP said we need to do more tesing. He went through ct scan , pet scan, pulmonary biopsy, guided needle biopsy of lymph node, and we found out he was a stage 3b. There was a spot on the lymph node on the oppisite side of his chest than the cancer. We went to Boston for a second opinion. Confirmed what we knew and helped our oncologist come up with a plan to get treated locally.

Greg has been in tretment chemo 4 rounds(may-sept) and 7 weeks(May-june) of radiation. He is really down and out and has had enough. I am trying too lift his spirits and trying to keep things "normal". It is tough.. He just finished his 4th round of chemo moday and is feeling nausous despite the meds and has an awful taste in his mouth he can' get rid of.. Didn't know if there were any suggestions to help him feel better.. Anything that has worked for your family member. The doctor really wanted to do a fifth round but said if he wasn't handel;ing it that well the four would be ok. So he is hopeful to be done til he gets another scan. We did get a ct sccan in july that showed good results the cancer had diminished signifigantly and the spot in the lyph node had dissapeared. Ther also were no new spots which is good beacause that thought never crossed our minds. So we are hopeful all this has worked to eliminate the cancer

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Hi Tammy. I'm sorry you have the need to be here, but I am glad you found us. You'll find the members here to be very compassionate, supportive and full of good information.

It depends on the type of chemo, but I have heard other members say that they got a "metallic" taste. My husband never complained of that, so I don't have any helpful hints. I'm sure others will be chiming in soon with better information and suggestions.

I'm really glad that your husband got good scans. That's great news!!


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try brushing or rinsing with a small amount of Baking soda liek 1 tsp to an 8 oz glass of water It may help counteract the acid taste or sprinkle a little on toothbrush before eating!! for quick brush!

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Welcome Tammy. I t must be about time for another scan, eh? I had to stop after 4 rounds of my last chemo because of breathing problems but the oncologist said I got most of the benefit.

You might want to investigate cyberknife surgery. If you husband just has the one residual cancer and no other spots and it is not too big, they can finish it off with cyberknife. It would not be considered a cure because the lymphatic system has been breached with the original disease, but NED could be attained. The side effects are minimal. You can have cyberknife after radiation.


Don M

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Hi Tammy,

Welcome to LCSC.

The metalic taste you husband talks about is the pits. I had it and hated it. I however didn't have it for more than a couple of months.

Things I tried that may or maynot have helped eliminate the taste was to drink lots and lots of water, brushed teeth with a toothpaste for dry mouths and I sucked on lots of sugar free candy and chewed gum. Whether these things helped me or the taste just went away on its own, I am not sure.

I hope that your hubby starts feeling better soon.


found that if I sucked on candy or chewed gum that I didn't notice it as much. I also drank water by the gallon. I am not sure if it helped or if it just started to get better, but thats what I did.

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This is a scary time for both of you. I remember it well. It would help us if you would let us know the chemo and more details-- then we could give you some suggestions. Others here have posted that the sour lemon candies help with the metallic taste. Make sure he drinks lots of water and fluids so he doesn't get dehydrated. Water helps with the aches and pains of some chemos. Don and the others have given you some great advice-- keep us posted.


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