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NIH HyperAcute Lung Cancer Vaccine first scan results

Joe B

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After two months on the protocol the cancer in my lungs have remained completely stable. Also, as a better measure at least as far as I am concerned-- I am feeling great.... and am realy enjoying life with no side effects of treatment. this protocol is designed to teach the immune system to recoginize and fight the cancer.

I am working out and feeling as good as i ever have since diagnosed.

If anyone is interested in trying the vaccine contact Dr Morris at the NIH in Bethesda Maryland. The biggest disqualifer is having more than 2 previous chemotherapy regimes. (The first combination after surgery/ radiation only counts as one)


The NIH pays for the vaccines (every two weeks) and all associated blood work and tests (No insurance is billed or even recorded) They also pay for travel and hotel while in Bethesda (which is a very nice town by the way)

Best candidates are individuals who have finished first round treatment and want to boost the immune system function to ensure they stay ahead of the disease.

On A side note I am approaching 5 years of survival (originally diagonosed at stage 3A -- and then had a subsequent battle with a brain metasis 2 years ago.

I will be sure to post another good news item on my 5 year survival anniversary on October 2nd, 2008.

Joe B

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I've been waiting and waiting for an update, Joe. You perhaps do have some idea how thrilled I am for you. How long do you remain on this ~ indefinitely? If so, small price to pay for the life you are living, huh?

NIH is some place, isn't it? I've been going there almost 4 years now, and every time we drive by I get teared up with a lump in my throat. I just wish everybody could experience the place. Certainly saved my life.

I will be there 3 days in October. Remember Fred and I are really just 'up the road' if you ever are feeling the need for some company.


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