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I'm not sure if it's paranoia.......


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The day that my dad decided to end his treatments the Oncologist obviously wasn't impressed, but you know, it's my dad's decision and it should be respected by everyone involved.

After he told us that he wanted to see my dad in two weeks (he told the Keyworker to make the appointment), she said that she would call in a couple of days to be sure that my dad has settled back in at home ok. He's been home for just over a week and not one phone call!! All he has had from them is his appointment confirmation.

It just feels that since he made that decision there is no care for his welfare and that they were only interested in him when they were pumping Chemo into his system.

I don't know if I'm paranoid, as I am feeling very low right now, but I don't think it fair that they haven't called to check on him :(

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