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I don't know if you guys remember her or not.

She was a wonderful woman that I met off of my lcsc MYSPACE group. She offered me such encouragement and sympathy when my mom died and she was such a sweet lady.

Kaylei was a stage IV lung cancer survivor and was cancer free. She was doing well and I encouraged her to post here and offer inspiration to others. She did post here a few times.

Anyway, I got a message from her daughter yesterday and I was totally shocked. I wanted to post here for those of you who knew Kaylei. She will certainly be missed by me. I am so sad at this news.

I was reading posts on the LC board and found a message that you had addressed to my mom "Kaylei". I knew she was an active member of the board awhile back but had stopped posting several months ago. She began having visual/dizziness problems and couldn't use the computer anymore.

Her real name was Donna Mucciolo, she was 54 years old, and she died July 27, 2008. She was still cancer-free (though still classified stage 4)... but she developed radiation necrosis at 2 of the sites where they performed gamma surgery on her brain mets. The last 3 months were basically hell. She had severe dementia but she fought so hard to keep going. She died peacefully at home and I was by her side.

Two of her doctors have filed complaints with the medical board, and her husband has files a lawsuit, because the dosage of radiation she was given was 3x the safe limit. She beat the cancer only to die from the treatment. That is hard to live with.

The depth of my grief is indescribable. She was my best friend and the gap she left in my life is immense.

I just wanted to let you know that she fought hard and that the LC board helped her through some very tough times. I have photos of her on my page... if you have trouble remembering her. I know you must talk to many people on here and she hadn't posted in so long.

Take care.


My condolences to Trish for her great loss.

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Thanks, Katie, for the update. I DO remember her and had a very bad feeling when she was not around. You know about me and technology :? but I did find something on the internet posted by her ~ maybe she had a link on her profile??? Anyway when I went there it said it had been canceled. I didn't want to believe this was the reason though.

She was a very neat gal who was working on happiness the second time around and I am bummed once again.


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I don't remember her but she sounds like a very lovely lady. My condolences to her family.

What a story. To be cancer free and then die from side effects of treatment. I would be very interested in finding out how those law suits go. My doctors have said to me on many an occasion (when I have asked for bigger doses!) that it is actually easy to kill the cancer, it is keeping the patient alive in the meantime that is problematic.

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To Trish,

I corresponded through email with Donna and well remember the brain necrosis issues and problems writing. I'm so sorry to hear that she has passed -- she was a wonderful gal with a good spirit who knew how to savor the moments she had once these problems set in. She took such delight in her cause for the "cats," and also the tough fight with her husband's issues. I had written a few times later and never heard from her again, but knew she was having problems with her ability to use the computer. I did fear the worst and am so very sorry.

If you would like to have copies of her emails, please contact me at my email address.

God bless you and keep you close as you go through these times of loss. My sincere sympathy. Gosh, I hate cancer.


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