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new update on Joel 9/25/08


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Hi All my friends

Joel had his last cyberknife procedure on Monday. It was 3 treatments for 1 hour for 3 days. He got up and drove himself home feeling no side effects what so ever. Just at night he crashed and went to bed. He does episodes where is gets tired, but that’s it!

He will get his CT in about a month to see if that bugger was blasted to smithereens…. If this works this will be amazing as he dodged a 3rd operation. Everyone keep those fingers, toes and everything crossed for the best results.

Meanwhile we are keeping ourselves busy with our Lungevity walk coming up on Nov. 1st in South Jersey.

So I expect all you SJ, Delaware and Pa people to come and share in the festivities.

This year as many of you know Heather Saler who started the walk left us on March 9th, so this is a special year and completely dedicated to her. We have been busy getting everything together and we are making strides.

Just thought I would throw this out there…. If you want to contribute anything to TEAM JOEL here is his link…

http://events.lungevity.org/site/TR/Wal ... fr_id=1360

There is also a link on our site that will take you to the SJ Heather Saler walk page in Lungevity.,

My son is in the process of doing a web page dedicated to her. It’s not up yet and even if he gets it up before the walk it most likely will not have alot of info on it yet but it will continue to flourish as time goes on. As he just started the project. He is doing it between all his other work that is keeping him bogged down. But he started the puliminaries (sp sorry) and its looking good already!

Anyway you all take care, and of course I will let you know the results.... the saga continues. . .

Maryanne :wink:

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Lots of positive vibes your way! I sent you a PM with Kelly's results but we were quite pleased. Though for her, a CT would likely have not shown much as it seems the size isn't doing much changing. But her SUV keeps going down and this time, the surgeon that implanted the fiducials has postulated that maybe the SUV of 3.1 is actually inflammation and not active cancer. Oh here is hoping that is so!

Can't wait to hear Joel's results. Kelly was exhausted a lot during the procedure too, but that got better rather quickly.

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Great news, guys. Can't wait to hear the results of the scan ~ even MORE good news!!! Way to go, Joel!

If you remember, I did make the SJ Walk last year because the Boston one was hurricaned out. Sorry that I will miss you guys this year, as I am so committed to Boston. Tracy is there and family. So unless we run into bad weather again, that's where I will be. Hopefully I won't get in the WRONG line there and wind up crawling to the finish line!!!! Remember? You thought went home!!!!

Hope we all make lots of money. It all goes to the same cause!



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