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Days of our Lives


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Kate had some coughing, thought it was a cold, then started coughing up blood. She is trying to minimize the seriousness. The doc told her she had LC, but only based on the scans. So maybe they will do a bronchoscopy next?....I have a feeling if it is confirmed LC she will try to keep this secret.


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I watch it for over 30 years....EEKS... was an avid..

I would tape it when I went to work and watch it later at night. With my new position I completely lost track and havn't watched it for close to a year now.

Miss... it along with my old job... oh well...t is what it is.

Poor Kate, but even if she dies I'm sure she will come back from the dead. Is Stefana and Tony Di Mera still there along with Marlena and John, Bo and Hope.

Last time I watched it John was astranged from Marlena.

Maryanne :wink:

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I have watched this show for way too many years to count!!! This is the one show that I still manage to tape every day and watch when I get home. Oh well...just call it a habit...lol!

This should be a very interesting storyline to follow. They have made it known that Kate is NOT a smoker, so this should help spread our message. On yesterday's episode, she had her first chemo treatment.

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