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Frustration and Hope and Confusion


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http://www.bioworld.com/servlet/com.acc ... ceid=48523

Has anyone been onthis therapy? My mother is going into her fist round of chemo (platinum based(. Her onc told me that even if the chemo works, theres an 80% CHANCE IT WILL RECUR, and if it doesnt theres a higher chance fo mets. If this "doesn't have side affects" and she wouldnt be gettin anything right after, should she consider this trial? I know she isn't eligible for the stimuvax b/c she's stage 4. can somebody provide me with some insight here? i looked at centers treating and there is one nearby. Any input is appreciated. :?:

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I moved this Post to the General Forum because people weren't reading it and answering your questions in the " NEW TREATMENT / CLINICAL TRIALS

Traditional NEW TREATMENTS, TARGETED THERAPIES, &/or CLINICAL STUDY information can be posted here. " forum. You should get more replies here.

Good luck.

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The bottom line is that she has to meet the study participant qualifications to even consider it. If you call the study coordinator, they're usually very helpful in evlauating if she would be a candidate. I ddin't read the protocols closely, but it looks like they require stable disease for a period of time. However, calling now is probably a good idea, as any future treatments (beyond first line chemo) may affect her eligibility.

Beyond that, there are treatments on the market that she can try if the chemo doesn't knock the cancer totally out. Tarceva and Avastin are being used more and more as maintenance therapies, as well as therapies after some progression. They are not like platinum-based therapies, in that they can be given basically until the disease progresses.

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Please check this out for more info. there is a lot of info and reading here would take up a page or so Click on Link to be redirected the site! It also includes requirments and they are also recrutiing now! You can also determine eligibility for this trial at this site and then consult Oncologist for more info!!!!!!

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/ ... nix&rank=1

Thank you for an interest in Clinical trials also!!!! Let me know if I can help with anything.

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