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Some encouraging news!


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So, we took my dad to see his Oncologist today.

There is a 50% reduction in the Tumour!!!!!

We also spoke (well I spoke) more in depth about where in the bones they have found metastases.

The Oncologist is quite bemused b/c my dad suffers pain in the left shoulder and yet what they have found is in the right shoulder! Plus there are a few 'spots' in the right hand side of the ribcage and also a few lesions on the skull, all of which my dad is told that at any point that he feels he's in too much pain they will get some radiation started.

But, all in all, today was an excellent outcome for us!!!

Oh and we also managed to find out why my dad has been so 'down' just lately. It's b/c he wasn't looking forward to going for today's appointment, b/c he thought that they would try and force him into more treatments. The Oncologist did mention giving a little more at a reduced dosage, but my dad declined and he was fine with that. He did say that it's something that we could look into at a later date.

So, for now it's just a case of wait and see what happens. We are booked in for 2 months time, but the Onc said that if my dad does decide to resume treatments, or if he has any other concerns, then just contact them and they will bring the appointment forward.

My dad is sooo happy!! It's the most I've seen him smile and the most energetic (he wanted to come food shopping with us after the hospital) that I've seen him in weeks and it's great :)

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Caren, it's all fabulous. I know how happy the change in attitude makes you, and especially his remark about resuming treatment. I do understand and I admire his courage. I cried (not tears of joy) and raged after my second clear scan because I didn't have the guts to stand up and say no more treatment. Sometimes we know when it's time to say enough, at least for the time so we can live, allow our bodies to recover, and just be free for a little while from doctor, treatment and scan appointments.

Give your Dad my best and don't forget to enjoy him.

Judy in Key West

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