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Dreading upcoming tests


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Hi all,

Dad will be back in the Onc. office for labs Jan. 28 after a whole 3 weeks. He has been off of chemo since a week before c-mas. Last CT revealled almost nothing in lungs and mets to liver were smaller. Will be having a new CT next week sometime. SO :cry: afraid that these new tests will reveal something has grown or something new (SCLC is like a stubborn weed)....My anxiety gets worse with each day as we get closer to having these new tests ! :shock: Dad doesn't tolerate chemo, so there may not be viable alternatives for him. Keep us in your prayers that the tests come back good and send positive thoughts our way. Want dad to be in that statistic of survivors. Bless all of you

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Katie -

From the book "There's No Place Like Hope":

"I've dealt with the anxiety of further tests by choosing to live my life somewhat like a picnic on a cloudy day. I've gone ahead and planned the picnic, made the food, packed the car, gone to a great location, and am having a blast - even though the weatherman still says there's a chance of showers.

I have two choices: I can either let the prediction of rain ruin everything as much as the rain itself would (and this still wouldn't prevent the rain from falling if it is going to). Or I can throw some rain gear in the car just in case - in the trunk, out of sight - and enjoy every minute of sunshine that I have. It may not rain at all or, if it does, it may just be a sprinkle - but I've made up my mind that the mere "possibility" of rain will not rob me of even one second of joy.

So far, I have enjoyed many storm-free years. Enjoy the sunshine. If the rain falls, deal with it then, but in the meantime have some wonderful picnics!"

Or if you didn't "get' that one, how about: (and this one may sound harsh, but it is well-intended!)

"We will all die someday, that is a given, but let us each die but once - not over and over again each day by letting cancer, or anything else, steal the goodness from our days."

Your dad is in my prayers.......


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I have finally gotten to this point---

I tell myself that cancer has taken up enough time in my life. I don't want to give it any more of my time. If the news would be bad, why use precious time worrying in advance?

Try to keep yourself focused on the moment.

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Dear Katie,

As I said somewhere else on the board, dealing with my dad's cancer was harder on me than facing my own situation. You have my total empathy. I know you are trying to put the best face you can on everything while simultaneously feeling so helpless. Blessings and peace of heart are sent your way for you, your dad, and all your family. Keep us informed when you feel up to it. These scan things are very edgy business.

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Everyone here had great advice! You need to remember that everyday is a memory, either they are ones filled with good things or they can be memories of worry and sadness. Easier said than done I know.Just know that God can be right there with you if you let Him. Hold on to Him during these times. Our prayers are daily for you.

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I, too, get very anxious when my oncology appointment is on the horizon. I start listening more intently to my body. This can be both good and bad. I have to realize that, as one approaches their sixties, as I am, there are those little aches and pains that remind of things we did when we were younger (we always seem to pay for those things as we age, don't we :wink: ).

I, too, keep a note pad, next to my computer, to write down things that I must ask my onc when I see her next time.

Most of my appointments with the Oncologist have usually turned out to be ok, so as time goes by, I have the pre-appointment anxiety has lessened, but, nonetheless, I still get anxious.

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