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Even though I don't smoke this might be kind of extreme, they're adults. I don't consider health care workers role models, in addition are they going to be banned from eating unhealthy foods in the cafeteria since patients use the same facilities. There should be no smoking for anyone entering the property including patients. "It's counterintuitive to be a health-care professional and to understand all the objective facts about the dangers of smoking but still smoke," he said"

Children's Hospital Bans Smoking by Staff

Fri Dec 5, 4:32 AM

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Employees going outside into the open air to smoke soon won't be good enough for Children's Hospital management. Starting May 1, Children's Hospital staff members won't be allowed to smoke on the premises.

If employees still want to smoke, they'll have to walk a couple of blocks until they're off the sprawling hospital grounds. Three outdoor smoking huts will remain but only visitors will be allowed to use them.

Patients should not have to contend with the lingering scent of cigarette smoke on staff members returning from breaks, said Keith Goodwin, the hospital's president and chief executive officer.

"It's counterintuitive to be a health-care professional and to understand all the objective facts about the dangers of smoking but still smoke," he said.

Hospital security guards will enforce the ban.

Tracy Sabetta, director of Tobacco-Free Ohio, a nonprofit group aimed at eliminating secondhand smoke in public places, lauded Children's Hospital for the move.

"At a facility that works to protect the health of children, setting an example (of not smoking) is something that's been a long time in coming," she said.

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I second the ban, but feel that if there is "no smoking on campus" so to speak, there shouldn't be concession made for patients, either. No means no...can't treat your guests to attributing to the scent in the halls, either. (Could the patients sue for the hospital "allowing" them to harm themselves?? Frivilous lawsuits seem to be the rave...)

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My hospital has just recently posted signs telling people they cannot smoke in front of the doorways to the hospital--a move that is most appreciated, by me and my family at least. I hated walking through a cloud of smoke back when I could breathe; now I just won't do it. I guess I would be more sympathetic to the "They're adults" line of reasoning if I hadn't been around so many smokers who need to be reminded repeatedly that it's just rude to blow smoke in other people's faces.

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I must admit, while it may sound a bit "harsh", I have been completely irritated on more than one occassion when walking up to the front door of my hospital for treatment and having to walk through a cloud of smoke from doctors, nurses and patients (many in wheelchairs) lining the walkway leading up to the front door. It becomes a personal challenge for myself to see just how long I can hold my breath before getting through the revolving door...

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