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I know there has been talk of some who do not like to be here re good news in the face of bad news. This issue has surfaced and appeared to me!! My take on this topic is this... I love to hear good news!! I think that hearing good news from survivors and their families vindicates my loss. It was ands is a a great loss to me but I am glad that there is so much research and hope springing forth in light of Debs PAssing and My subsequent loss!! it gives me hope knowing that research has developed into so many advances in the cure and early detection of Lung Cancer. Do I get upset?? yes but I am human and have suffered. Am I happy though fpor everyone who has a good story scan treatemtn test diagnosais ?? Yes cause it just validates eveything I pray for which is a cure to this diseaase and justification for alll those who have lost their battle and left us, Patients and caregiver survivors!!

I am currently sharing my story wiht someone here and they know who they are. I am glad to do it and hope they gain from it both the good and the bad...


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Well said, Randy. Sometimes we hesitate to post about good news when others are having so much difficulty, but it's important to at least update our profiles for the benefit of all concerned. Those of us with a good scan know full well that we're not "home free" and the next scan may show something troublesome. But I think we should take every opportunity to celebrate that "on top of the world" feeling even if we know it's probably temporary. Life is a journey, not a destination, so let's make the trip as pleasant as we can.

I say this knowing my next scan is October 21, and what it says about that new 4mm nodule could be a game changer. Aloha,


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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I never had this site to help me through when Brad was alive. I found it AFTER I lost him. It was coming here and reading the stories of people who were beating this disease and making milestones, no matter how small they may have appeared that gave me strength and hope to continue moving on with my life and with the promises I had made to Brad before he died.

I learned so much from so many of the wonderful members here in the years since I joined and was and am eternally grateful for that knowledge as it enabled me to help my Mom through the nightmare we went through with Jerry. I was able to share our mess and get the support and warmth from this site all while keeping Mom's spirits up as much as I could by sharing the good news and positive stories found here.

I think we ALL go through that burn out phase that we just get to a point that we need the break to re~group and catch our breath. And that is actually a good thing, at least in my eyes, as we come back with a new sense of purpose and a better ability to be helpful, supportive and positive.

This site is such an amazing place. So many different people from so many different areas, walks of life, backgrounds etc and yet we are all here, sharing in this community and all with the common goal/hope/dream. THE CURE.

So, Randy, thank you again for opening this topic up. And to those who are hurting, know that we are here, we will be here for you when you are ready or when you need us and the biggest and most important point. WE UNDERSTAND.

With love and hugs to all,


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I understand the not wanting to hear good news after a Loss of a loved one!! I know cause I lived it! but my caretaker urge got me through that point in life and the need to feel understood and cared about has helped me groe in many ways!!! Like I said above I am sharing some experiences adn it opens some old feelings but I am ok with it though!!

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I did a bereavement group after Brad died. I was here for a while before I did that group but one thing I did learn from it is that talking about the loss DOES hurt like hell but it also helps. It helped me, it helped the other members as well. Not in the same ways of course but it was all healing and helpful. Therapeutic is a better way to put it.

Regardless, when I first found this site, I did read the good news stories and yes I did feel strangely envious, jealous and almost resentful. NOT OF ANY OF THE PEOPLE HERE, but of the fact that Brad's story would never be told in that type of forum. I was always and continue to be so happy for the people who are beating this disease and for those who get good scan results. Nothing makes me happier than to read about someone else defying cancer and fighting and beating it back.

I guess the bottom line to all of my rambling here is that I think, and this is only my feeling on it, but I truly think that this whole inability to deal with good news after a loss is totally normal and a basic human reaction.



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Bravo Randy, for writing.

I've always said that my favorite forum is the "Good News" topic. While still dealing with my sister's death, it just helps to hear that others are finding a way to beat this disease. So please, keep sharing all the good news. We love to read it!! Ellie

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Thank you for starting this thread , Randy. After having spent 2 years of Mike's 5 year cancer journey at this site, losing him and now going through my mom's journey, I have gone through all of the emotions you can imagine. I've experienced and thought many of the feelings and thoughts that you talk about. All of the good and the bad is part of this disease, but to this day, I will always hang on to the hope that everyone at this site can post in the Good News column. I pray that every one fighting this disease can fight until the silver bullet comes along .

I know I always feel guilty when I express my vulnerablity or my grief, because somehow I feel it pales to the suffering others must be going through or I feel selfish to be so self-indulgent . I also hate to post things that may sadden and bring others down... then again, I have to look at it in another way. For this site to be successful it should be a place where we can support one another through everything this disease throws at us. We have that site and I for one am so very thankful for every part of it and most of all for all the people here who make it what it is. ... Sharing and forever sharing and caring for one another through the good times and the bad.

Love you guys...


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Randy, I not only have felt reluctant to post good news, I've had a hard time feeling happy about my good news. I don't know if it has to do with feeling like it's not fair to others but I recall that members here urged me to share it.

Good news or bad, that's what this site is all about--sharing. And people's reactions good or bad to our news is equally legitimate. I spent ten years of my life doing talk therapy because I learned first hand how beneficial it is. And this site is therapeutic because we talk to each other, and empathy is not a problem because someone on the site will have experienced what we experience and felt what we felt.

Good thread Randy.

Judy in Key West

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Judy -

I know how you feel - sometimes I feel "survivor guilt" when I get a good scan. Like why am I still around and others have come and gone before me. Thats just more of the craziness this damned disease does to us.

I would LOVE to see each and every person on this board write in the Good News Section that they are NED!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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