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Pain Pump attached, my dad strolled in the front door this afternoon looking for his big comfy recliner. I smiled, and said a lil' prayer. My daddy was home.

He was discharged this afternoon after he had his CT scan done... The results will be in sometime I guess.. And we'll hear about it... But the most important thing is, my daddy is home...

We moved my parents bed to the main floor this morning. He have a dining room that wasn't getting much use anyways and it seemed to be the best thing anyways. No more stairs to conquer each morning!!! Now the kitchen, bathroom, living room (With T.V.), and his bedroom are all located on the same floor. Which is way easier for him. I'm just glad he is home and pray that his strength will stay up and that he gets to enjoy Christmas and then, in the new year, think about treatments again.

I thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers... Without those prayers, I don't know where we'd be.... I thank you, from the bottom of my heart... Take care of yourself and eachother....


P.S. That Cancer Ablation site.... Does anyone have more info on that. Does it work??? and is it available in Canada??? New ideas of treatment excite me, I really really feel that my dad can beat this thing... New treatments give a lil' bit of hope...

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Hi Adam,

Great News. Peace, take care and God Bless.



The Power Of People Helping People / The Power Of Knowledge / The Power Of God / The Power Of Believing / The Power Of Positive Thinking / The Power Of Never Taking No For An Answer / That’s The Key


Questions To Ask The Doctor About Lung Cancer

http://www.plwc.org/plwc/MainConstructo ... 08,00.html

With Every Breath A Lung Cancer Guidebook / From ALCASE / A Wealth Of Information / Free

http://www.alcase.org/education/publica ... reath.html

The Cancer Survival Toolbox / Free / From NCCS


Clinical Trails Listing Service / Center Watch


Lung Cancer In The News / GOOGLE

http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&editi ... ung+cancer

The Wellness Community / National Cancer Support, Education And Support / Free

http://www.thewellnesscommunity.org/pro ... /guide.asp

Drug Information Online


ALCASE / Alliance For Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, Education


Unites States / National Library Of Medicine


Health Information / Medical Encyclopedia


Google / Great Search Engine


R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation, Inc. / Please read: A Letter to all newly diagnosed cancer patients


American Cancer Society / No Matter Who You Are, We Can Help


Cancer Information Service / NCI


Cancer Research Center / A Cure For Cancer...


American Institute for Cancer Research; Nutrition Hotline / AICR


Cancer Hope Network / Cancer?


Association of Cancer Online Resources / Free Online Lifeline For Everyone Affected By Cancer & Related Disorders


Lung Cancer Information Library / Electronic Library Of Comprehensive Educational Materials On Cancer For Healthcare Professionals And Patients


American Lung Association / ALA


American Medical Association / Physicians Dedicated To The Health Of America


Doctor’s Guide / Lung Cancer

http://www.docguide.com/news/content.ns ... g%20Cancer

Healthfinder / Your Guide To Reliable Health Information

http://www.healthfinder.gov/Scripts/Sea ... ?topic=506

Medicine Net / We Bring Doctor’s Knowledge To You


Lung Cancer Online / Financial, Legal & Insurance Issues


Cancer Index / Lung Cancer Resources Directory


National Foundation For Cancer Research / NFCR Cancer Information Center

http://www.nfcr.org/site/PageServer?pag ... ncers_lung

Patient Advocate Foundation / Ensuring Equal Access To Health Care For All Americans



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I, too, have been struggling with a father in late stage lung cancer. How painful to watch our parent reduced to such a vulnerable state...and going thru so much pain.

Yesterday I posted a note asking for others who might have survived this late stage lung cancer - for encouragement for my dad. Today...he got the astounding news from his doctor that his cancer is undetectable. After radiation & chemo for 2 months, they see no sign of tumors. His had also metastasized to the spine, lymph nodes, chest cavity, etc...

There is hope! We put him on an immune boosting program (after MUCH research on my part). Check out polymva.com or polymvasurvivors.com. It's a liquid that my dad went on for 1 month...and saw the tumors disappear. We also got him on "immunopower" which is recommended by the book "fighting cancer through nutrition." Immunopower is simply packets of supplements & powder taken daily -also to enhance the immune system. I can't say for sure whether these things are what did the trick...but there are many out there who have survived cancer after taking them.

Anyway, the biggest message is...keep the faith. God is full of surprises. He just may be saving one for your dad.

Blessings in Him,


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Great news Adam and Dad, keep it up. In know he has got to be so pleased to be home where he can let one rip just around the family, nothing like being at home to be able to do that, just kiddding remember your post about that.

You seem like a real nice young man, I bet your parents are very proud of you, I know it can't be easy for you to watch your dad goes through this , it is hard on my boys and they don't understand a lot about it, they just know dad ain't feeling too hot a lot of times, as they are only 8 (twins).

Sending positive thoughts your way for your dad's continued recovery and for your family to have a joyous Christmas season and also box day!

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