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Did anyone go to yahoo today?


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Well I have a yahoo account that I use for online purchases (Ebay, craigslist, ioffer, etc...). I checked Yahoo today and what I saw compelled me to write them a letter. I just hit the "contact" button and here is what I wrote.


I noticed your pink ribbon up this month displayed in your title bar.

Please consider putting up a white/clear ribbon up for lung cancer during the month of November. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

While lung cancer kills more each year than breast, colon, prostate and pancreatic cancers COMBINED it gets very little attention and very little funding.

Please help shine the light on the deadliest cancer killer. In memory of those such as Dana Reeve, Peter Jennings, Paul Newman, my father and almost 200,000 people a year. Please show lung cancer the same courtesy as you have shown today with this pink ribbon.

Thank you.

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I am checking other sites- they are promoting the "pink" too. So I think it's important if we contact them and let them know we need the same courtesy and attention next month!!

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YAHOO took the pink ribbon down.

That was not the reaction I was hoping for. I wanted them to leave it up all month if they wanted- as long as they gave us a ribbon the month of November too.

BIG sigh......


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