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My kitchen. We started work on it 2 years ago. I have most of the base cabinets and appliances. We put up a light fixture on Friday that we bought a year ago. No rush you know.... it would be nice to have doors and drawer fonts. I get hangnails from from trying to claw open the drawers.LOL :wink:

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the front door

The garbage disposal

the drafty windows

the drains in the sinks

Shower curtain rod in master bathroom !

thats enough for now I think!! :shock::shock::lol::lol::wink::o:):D:P:roll:

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here is my list... lol

* the dryer... tired of the laundromat..al though, it all gets done in 1 hour instead of all day or more. :lol:

*the muffler on the car

*the front screen door- needs a new handle

* garbage disposal

probably more, but thats all i can think of at the moment.


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