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I am happy to report that I got through today. I met the woman my dad is now dating. She is actually really great. I can see why my dad likes her so much. It wasn't as awkward to see them together as I was imagining it would be. She has a very easy way about her and a nice personality. Surprisingly, my brother and his wife also came along. For those of you who follow my posts you may remember that he was having an especially hard time with Dad dating. It is hard for all of us to see him with someone else. I think he came the realization that my sister and I did and that is that there is never going to be a good time to meet her for the first time. It is going to be hard whether it is today or a year from now. I am glad that she is a warm person and I can tell that Dad has told her a lot about our family by the comments she made during the visit. Anyway...just wanted to update for those who have been following my story. As always...thanks for all the support!


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I'm so glad that the dinner went well and that she is a good person. I can only imagine she and your dad were probably quite nervous about the meeting also!

Try to remember -- just as no one will ever replace your mom in your life; no one will ever replace her in your dad's life either. I think if we let them, our hearts are capable of unlimited love -- in our own time.


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