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request to the caregivers about your own health

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Just a quick request to all of us that are caregivers. Please see your doctor for your checkups regularly. The stress involved with caring for our loved ones takes its toll.

As Sandy noted, she is now having issues with her heart beat and as Don stated, it is usually controllable. But if you don't know what is going on with yourself, you can end up in deep doodoo. And then how much good are you to anyone?

So please, take care of your own health. Don't let the issue of cancer ruin your health. You need to be able to be "strong" (I hate that phase but it is the best I can come up with) both physically and mentally.

I too have issues with an irregular heart beat because of all the stress. Please take care of yourself. Your loved ones are not the only one dealing with this illness. You are too.

Much love,


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Guest Karen C

Shirley, I scheduled a complete physical including blood work with our family doc for February. Getting my melanoma checked in January with my surgical oncologist. Trying to release a little steam every now and then to keep the stress in check.

I agree - especially about the immune system - stress is horrible to it and we need to be careful.

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You are so right Shirly,

I had to be hospitalized (only 1 day) for extreme low blood pressure

and usually I have high blood pressure, now the doctors have trouble

controlling it.

Every body should take care, it is the only way we can help those

we love.


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Shirley is right! I too had chest pains.. I was afraid it was heart pains.. But after being on a couple of types of medicine. I guess my doctor was right, it was stress related. I was having anxiety attacks.

I was so stressed yesterday before taking Darrell to the pulmonary doctors to get the bronoscopy done and I actually called my doctors office to cancel an appointment I had. I didn't think I'd have time before we needed to leave for Columbus. Well I explained to her my appointment was at 10:00 for that day. She said "well we have you down for the 18th." I kind of laughed at her and mentioned something about her having as bad of a day as me and then I said TODAY IS" the 18th.. Well it made her think for a minute, and then she says no "ITS THE 11th!"... Talk about feeling stupid. I laughed and actually lost my tongue for a minute and told her well guess I'm having an even worse day than I thought!! I told her well maybe you'd better not cancel my appointment then for next week.

I still laugh about this...

Our health is soo very important and it is so easy to neglect ourselves! Inculding me. I wait till I'm at the end of my rope... Not good to do though.


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