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So OK...you knew I was going to the surgeon today and I expected him to say maybe 8 months or a year for my next Ct....WRONG....

I go in the examining room...ct/scan film's in hand....He examin's me and say's I am doing good and he really didn't see anything on the film except a couple small nodes that he would watch and to do another CT in 6 months...He said nothing lit up and that was a good thing...

OK..I go out to the receptionist and ask's for a copy of my report....She schedule's my next appointment and copies a copy of the report....

I didn't look at it until I got in the car....The heading say's ..."results from a full body Pet/Ct scan...dated 9/28/07...(last year's results from my Pet....HELLLLOOOOO....I diidn't have a PET scan...I had a Ct scan....Soooo I get out of the car and take my fine self back to the doctor's office and tells the receptionist..."this is the wrong copy...this is last years"...she said 'Oh"....I said..."IS THIS WHAT THE DOCTOR LOOKED AT?'...She say's .."yes that's all I have'..I was livid....So she calls where I got the CT and they fax over the report...She calls me back to the desk...and she said..."Pam the doctor said it was perfect"....well HELLOOO again....

Now the question is...do I need another CT in 6 months...because he was looking at last years results and that was already taken care of...grrrrrrrrrrr

I go to the ONC on Thursday...so I will ask him...

Only things like this happen's to me and Dick Tracey....LOL..Not funny..I hate mixups when your talking some serious stuff here....Like the one time they gave me someone's brain scan and I caught that too and raised all kind of hell....Just goe's to show you...you have to be on top of things and look for things like this....

So my dear friends...just a little reminder to make sure you look at date's and who's name is on the results...Well still the good news made my day...NED!!!!.

hugs...guys' and gal's...


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I am so glad that you continue to have good news with NED! I am also glad that you are ever vigilant and that you double check the checkers. YOU ROCK NONNI!!! :D:D:D


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This is so totally unexceptable!!! What if the results of either last years or this years had NOT been good news...........then what!!!

I fired my first PA for a big screw-up. Talked to her on the phone and she told me my bone mets were gone from on the scan and since they had only showed on a PET scan with a very low SUV that maybe I really wasn't Stage 4. Then I go in and get a copy and the first line of the pelvic and hip scan talks about my mets!!!!!!! I had already told the good news to my son and my husband..............GGGGGGGGRRRRRR!!!!

Sorry, but I think these mistakes happen all too often. These professionals (?) are paid way too much money for these kinds of mistakes. As I told my PA "we're not talking about a pimple on my @ss here".

So glad you were on top of things and once again - congrats on the great scan!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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I would like to say your story is unbelievable but unfortunately we hear these things happening way too much. Puts my labs at MDACC going to the hospital instead of the infusion nurse two visits in a row in perspective. But it really does give you pause, I'm watching carefully, as I observed before, my center seems to be going through some growing pains. Too many patients, not enough staff. That's how bad things sometimes happen.

Good for you for your vigilance and your assertiveness.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Noni

WOW … thank G-d you checked that out. I bet most people don’t. I know I don’t. So thanks for that information.

I could only imagine how enraged and scared you must have been. :shock: But of course thrilled that it certainly came out in your favor…. What better news than NED CONGRATS!!!! :mrgreen:

]I don’t see anything wrong with getting another CT in 6 months…. But that is up to you and your Doctor.

Take care my friend… I am sooooo happy for you!

Maryanne :wink::lol:

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