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CT Scan and MRI

Patti B

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Well, tomorrow I go for a CAT scan and a follow-up MRI of the brain.

As some of you may know, the MRI I had last month showed something suspicious. They had told me on the phone that it was totally negative and then when I went to see my doc, he told me it was still there (make up your minds, people!!)

I have now been on the Tarceva for 7 weeks - this scan will show if its working or not. I have had bad feelings about it all along and to be perfectly honest, am not feeling the best in the world.

Normally I go for my scans the day before my appt with the onc but this time he wants to see me next Monday. I will probably call my PA on Thursday to see if she will give me the results over the phone. I would much rather hear bad news (if thats what it is) at home than to hear it there and have to drive home by myself.

Will someone PLEASE let me off this rollercoaster ride...............

Hugs - Patti B.

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Patti, looking for great scan results!

I don't recall what your last scan showed in terms of tumor size, but keep in mind this rather unusual characteristic of Tarceva (Dr. West has discussed it several times). It's possible — and I'm an example of this — for there to be no measurable response from the drug (meaning there's little or no shrinking of the tumor) but at the same time see a significant benefit in survival and general well-being.

My next scan is 2 weeks from now, and I'm anxious to see what if anything the new 4mm nodule on the very edge of the lung is doing. I'll have a CD of the scan to play with for several days before getting the written report from my onc. Scanxiety rules!



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